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Squid Game: 19 Popular Celebrity Reactions To The Hit Series

Squid Game 19 Popular Celebrity Reactions To The Hit Series

With Squid Game is rising in popularity, the internet has been ablaze with reactions and theories. Moreover, it has become one of the biggest hits on streaming platforms and is rated as Netflix’s top show in the US. This Korean Drama has not only achieved the most talked show title of 2021 but also received love, praise across the globe including popular celebrities. Celebrities like Billie Eilish and Cardi B not only watched but shared their reactions while watching the survival game show, Squid Game. So without any further ado, let’s get into today’s list of 19 popular celebrity reactions to the hit series.

Billie Eilish shared a photo of her on the social media platform saying she finished watching Squid Game in two days and is extremely thrilled

Squid Game

The whole internet has found Keke Palmer’s reaction quite relatable. Keke made a post on Twitter after she finished watching the series.

The famous film director Taika Waititi also posted his reaction after watching Squid Games.

Award-winning American actress Kerry Washington also made a post on Twitter while binging the series.

The music heartthrob of 90’s Liam Gallagher also participated in the trend and watched Squid Game. She even made a post out of it on his Twitter account.

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The popular basketball player LeBron James spoke to his teammate Anthony Davis about Squid Game. He also mentioned that he was pretty upset about the ending.

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The popular rapper Saweetie tweeted after discovering a fan edit of her, playing the red light and green light challenge.

Screenshot 2021 1029 195157

Marina Diamandis being a popular pop star was pretty stressed while watching the most-streamed Kdrama of the year.

Cardi B, the “Up” rapper too changed her profile picture on Twitter to a version of the iconic “Red Light, Green Light” doll.

Screenshot 2021 1029 195300

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is America’s one of the most popular talk shows of the time. Jimmy made a post on Twitter mentioning a few of the cast members of Squid Game and thanked them for spending time with Jimmy as he interviewed them for their new series. Jimmy even participated in the trending dalgona candy challenge.

Screenshot 2021 1029 195355

Chlöe Bailey also talked about Squid Game on her Twitter account.

Screenshot 2021 1029 194843

Wiz Khalifa revealed that he had watched Squid Game and couldn’t keep his calm ever since.

Screenshot 2021 1029 194440

B.J Novak has been pretty upfront about the Korean survival drama. He tweeted right after he finished watching Squid Game.

Squid Game

Canon O’Brien immediately took to Twitter and explained what it was like to watch the #1 trending series on Netflix.

Screenshot 2021 1029 194130

Skai Jackson posted her reaction while watching Squid Game with her preferable English subtitles on.

Squid Game

The very popular actress Ryan Destiny tweeted her part while watching the trendy Kdrama.

Screenshot 2021 1029 194747



Nancy Drew star Leah Lewis shared the experience on Instagram.

Squid Game

Another popular basketball player Kevin Durant shared his experience of watching the series as well.

Pete Davidson and Rami Malik did a parody on the show called Saturday Night Live when Rami hosted.

Squid Game

That was all about Squid Game and the reactions it gathered from around the world. If you haven’t watched it yet then we’d suggest you give it a watch asap! Comment down below if you want to connect.

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