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Squid Game 2: ‘There Will Indeed Be A Second Season’ Says Hwang Dong-hyuk, Creator Squid Game

Squid Game 2 There Will Indeed Be A Second Season Says Hwang Dong hyuk Creator Squid Game

Netflix’s CEO was correct in predicting that Squid Game would become the service’s most popular series. According to series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game will be renewed for a second season!! The blockbuster Netflix series’ director and writer spoke to the Associated Press this week about his success on the streaming platform and his desire for Squid Game 2. However, in prior interviews, Dong-hyuk seemed to hint that no solid preparations had been made yet. It doesn’t get any more genuine than “there will be a second season.”

Squid Game 2

Gi-hun will return, which will make a lot of fans pleased. Since its debut, Squid Game has generated a lot of buzz, so it only made sense to keep the momentum going. See what he had to say about Season 2 in the video below.

The creator previously spoke to The Guardian about his thoughts on Season 2. Hwang Dong-hyuk explained,

“Of course there is talk,” Hwang Dong-hyuk explained. “That’s inevitable because it’s been such a success. I am considering it. I have a very high-level picture in my mind, but I’m not going to work on it straight away. There’s a film I really want to make. I’m thinking about which to do first. I’m going to talk to Netflix.”

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Source -@APEntertainment/Twitter

Written by Prachee Mishra