Squid Game Star Oh Yeong-su Denies Indecent Assault Allegations, 78 Year Old Korean Actor Says He Held Her Hands To Guide the Way Around the Lake

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Talents from South Korea are taking over the world. Besides BTS, one of the bigger revolutions came with Netflix’s Squid Game. The series became a worldwide phenomenon when it came out back in 2021. It introduced us to a bunch of amazing characters and one of them was Oh II-nam played by actor Oh Yeong-su. He was one of the contenders in the competition that viewers supported throughout. And we even got an interesting twist involving him. While Oh Yeong-su’s return as Oh II-nam was already unlikely in season 2, it has now become totally impossible as the 78-Year-old Korean actor has been indicted for indecent assault. But the actor has denied these claims.

O Yeong-su Golden Globe

Back in January, Oh Yeong-su became the first South Korean actor to bag a Golden Globe Award for the best supporting actor in a series category. While this achievement brought him loads of fame, a recent report is going to ensure a lot of negative publicity for the actor. South Korea’s prosecutor told AFP on Friday, November 25 that Oh Young-su had been indicted on charges of s*xual misconduct and indecent assault.

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Oh Yeong-Su Denies the Allegations

O Yeong-su

According to local reports, the actor was indicted by the South Korean prosecution on Thursday as he had allegedly touched a woman’s body inappropriately back in 2017. Then, an official from the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office told AFP that whatever was reported by the local media “is not factually incorrect,” as the actor was indeed the culprit. But, Oh Yeong-su has denied the allegations by saying that he only held the woman’s hands to guide her the way around the lake. But the secured evidence suggests otherwise. So, things are going to be tough for the old man from here on out.

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Not The First South Korean Actor To Be Accused

O Yeong-su in Squid Game

This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred in the South Koran film industry as bigger names like late filmmaker Kim Ki-duk and actors Cho Jae-hyun and Oh Dal-su have all faced s*xual assault allegations in the past. And now Oh Yeong-su seems to have joined the list. It will be interesting to see if the actor would be able to muster a strong defense if he has been wrongly indicted. Still, it’s needless to say that we won’t be getting any flashbacks from him in Squid Game season 2.


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As of now, Squid Game season 2 does not have a release date. But writer-director Hwang Dong-Hyuk revealed that we might get the show by the end of 2023, or perhaps in 2024.

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