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Stan Lee’s Former Manager Detained on Charges of Abuse


Former manager of the late Marvel legend Stan Lee was arrested Saturday morning for charges of elder abuse against the esteemed comics creator. A report from 2018 showed details of how the 95-year-old was allegedly taken advantage of by his own manager, Keya Morgan. In addition, there were also reports that claim his former road manager, Max Anderson; former publicist, Jerry Olivarez; and his own daughter J.C. Lee, was also part of the offense.

The 95-year-old quickly denied the allegations but facts have begun to resurface earlier this month as police investigates on the case. A warrant of arrest for Morgan was issued this May for five accounts of elder abuse, including felony, fraud, false imprisonment and forgery.

The police reports that the ex-manager was apprehended in Arizona on Saturday morning. According to LAPD:

“Mr. Lee had a large estate worth over an estimated $50 million, no clear protection from opportunists who could insert themselves into his life and take control of it.”

The authorities also declared financial investigations, saying Morgan allegedly collected $262,000 from Lee’s autograph signing sessions last May 2018. The report also claimed that Lee did not receive any amount from the collection.

Morgan is facing three felony accounts of theft. His bail is set at $300,000 and will be facing court before getting sent back to Los Angeles. Morgan started working with Lee in 2017. However, the two had a pretty chaotic relationship. On July 2018, the former manager was given a restraining order after filing false report of claiming armed men demanded money from Lee in his own home. During this incident, the old man was also suffering from health issues.

Stan Lee is known as the father of Marvel superheroes, who created the likes of Spider-man and Fantastic Four. The beloved comic book writer passed away November last year. Lee is famous for his cameo roles on every Marvel films.

Lee’s passing is still one of the saddest moments for Marvel fans, despite Avengers: Endgame topping at the box office. The film is a culmination of a decade worth of Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a special tribute to the legendary creator himself.

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