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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Dangling Plotlines Fans Want Resolved

Deep Space Nine, a darker, more mature, and evolved version of Star Trek, has taken the audience by a storm. However, it isn’t hard to notice that loopholes left a lot to the imagination, even among the nuanced plotlines. 

Although many loose ends were tied up by the final season, some remained untied. These are a few unresolved plotlines fans have been asking to get closure on. 

1. Rescuing Thomas Riker: After being found on a stranger planet, Thomas Riker has a unique journey. He becomes a part of a terrorist organization that he helped steal a ship belonging to Cardassia. Captain Sisko and Gul Dukat apprehended him and negotiated a life sentence at the Cardassian prison. Major Kira tells Riker that he’ll come to save Riker, but we never that happen throughout the next four seasons. What really happened then? Did he die? Did he flee? Or is he still there? 

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2. The untold truth of Section 31: Sloan is a mysterious figure posing as an intelligence agent. However, it is figured out that he is a high-ranking operative of a Starfleet organization called “Section 31”. Though he never fully answers questions about this subsidiary, he answers them just enough to leave the rest wondering. What was this organization? Who were the other secret members? And who was the leader? These questions remained unanswered even after the finale. 

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3. What happened to Garak? (Paramount Domestic Television): Garak is an exiled cardissan. Over the course of the series, we get small glimpses into his life and past, revealing that he was a spy working with the obsidian order. The reason for his initial banishment is never revealed throughout the series. Moreover, after Damar was overthrown and cardissa became free, it was never revealed if Garak became its next leader. A definitive resolution to Garak’s story is not avaiable.

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4. The holographic communicator (Paramount Domestic Television): Like star treks, holographic doctors, and combadges, deep space nice introduced an advanced technical device. This device is the “holographic communicator.” However, after a while, it randomly disappeared from the series. Fans believed this was because the technology didn’t fit the timeline or simply because it was too inconvenient for the producers to display on a limited budget. There have been no definitive explanations, but it did leave the audience a little upset.

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5. The Hundred (Paramount Domestic Television): The station’s resident Changeling, Odo, begins the series as a character with an origin shrouded in the unknown. There is nothing known about him or his kind till the 4th season. This gave Odo a chance to reunite with his people. After a series of complex events, another such option comes to Odo in season 7. However, he declines the offer, and no one knows what became of him after. The fate of the changelings, too, remains unresolved. 

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6. The Dominion (Paramount Domestic Television): After the Founders surrendered in the series finale, the fate of the alpha quadrant members remained ambiguous. No one talked about the commanders, ships and the soldiers, ever. However, there had to have been a fight over the assets, or was there? What happened to the technology left behind?. Moreover, what became of the wormhole opened on the dominion side?. Many of these subplots are powerful enough to bring chaos to the galaxy. These loose ends are, in fact, too significant to be left out in the dark.

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What other Deep Space Nine loose ends did we miss?

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