Star Wars: 10 Prequel Memes For Fans Who Think They’re Underrated

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The Star Wars franchise has a huge fan base, and there’s no denying that it is incredibly good, too. The original Star Wars trilogy secured a large audience. Fans thought the films were very intriguing, and the plot development was appreciated too. However, fans consider the prequel trilogy, consisting of Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, as the worst films in the franchise. The plot was criticized and was more laughable. But now, the movies are not as hated as they once were, and the memes clearly state it. There are so many Prequel memes that it’s hard to pick only a few. But these are the 10 Star Wars Prequel memes for fans who think they are underrated.


1. This is too relatable and way too funny. Imagine if there was a scene like this in the movie, where he actually drove to work listening to such songs.

Cut Younglings into pieces. This is my last resort! from PrequelMemes

2. The list is going to have a lot of Obi-Wan Kenobi memes because they just never seem to get old or boring. What do you think?

Obi-Wan memes

3. This is just a too good depiction if it was shown in the pandemic era. Imagine the Jedi and Sith meet using virtual platforms. The holograms are perfect since they were used a lot in the prequels for long-distance communications.

Pin on Star wars jokes
If they had a Zoom call

4. Here’s another Obi-Wan Kenobi meme. This is definitely one of those Star Wars Prequel memes that have perfect depiction in a hilarious way.

Funny depiction

5. Among all the “meme trends”, AEIOU’Y’ trend didn’t leave Star Wars prequels either. This was one of the iconic moments in the trilogy and even after being on the council, Windu didn’t grant Anakin the rank of master.

AEIOU (and sometimes Y) from PrequelMemes


6. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this one but this one has to be one of the underrated memes.

Star Wars Prequel memes
Kenobi and Skywalker

7. I must say the logic is on-point. Also, yes, this is not the mixtape the Jedi would share.

8. Anakin and his hate for sand is no secret. When Obi-Wan tells him that he has become the thing he hate and swore to destroy, well, the sand was the thing he hated the most. This makes the meme all the more hilarious.

Star Wars: The 10 Most Hilarious Prequel Memes
Based on the famous “I hate sand” quote

9. Many fans believe that Obi-Wan should not have been Anakin’s master and he made a lot of mistakes while training him. Obi-Wan, when he was a Padawan, was so much different than Anakin was being the young Jedi.

Star Wars Prequel memes
Kenobi vs. Anakin Skywalker

10. Along with many qualities Kenobi had, there were some that were a problem and some that made him stand out. And this meme puts this absolutely hilariously.

Star Wars Prequel memes
Obi-Wan Kenobi as a role model

The internet has tons of Star Wars Prequel memes, and to pull out a few was indeed a task, nevertheless, these are the 10 hilarious and underrated memes we found. We hope you enjoyed them! Tell us in the comments.


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