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Star Wars: 10 Reasons The Empire Was a Force For Good

Star Wars 10 Reasons The Empire Was a Force For Good

There is plenty of argument over the internet that the Galactic Empire was not as bad as it was made out to be. In the world of Star Wars, the Empire actually did more good than harm.

It Introduced Universal Currency

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People are always quick to assume that the Empire took control of everything the moment it came into force. But the idea of a centralized government is not necessarily a bad thing. There are several benefits to that. For example, all planets under Imperial rule have a single unit of currency – the Imperial credit. Having a singular form of currency meant that the economy helped boost the trade everywhere. Economically weaker worlds no longer remain at the mercy of economically stronger worlds with a stronger currency. Imperial Credits also allowed for ease of travel since one fomr of currency was accepted everywhere.

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Emperor Palpatine Foresaw The Threat Of The Yuuzhan Vong

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It is very easy to take one look at the guy with frog like eyes and play grey, wrinkled skin and pass him off as the villain. Emperor Palpatine forced the Empire to produce and maintain a large navy. And he had good reason to do so. In 27 BBY, he came to know about the Yuuzhan Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong were from a place outside the galaxy. They were not affected by the Force and were extremists that used superior symbiotic technology. Palpatine wanted the Galaxy to remain prepared for the Yuuzhan Vong when they came calling. When they did come, the Imperial factions joined forces with the New Republic to push them back.

The Republic Was Too Weak

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The classic trilogy showed us that the Empire’s form of administration and government was too malevolent. It was ruthless, brutal, and ineffective. But the sequel trilogy showed that the predecessor government was no picnic either. There were so many opposing factions that administration was next to impossible. When the Trade Federation started meddling, all the Republic did was make way for an inquiry. Bureaucratic red tape made things very slow in the Republic until it finally imploded.

Put An End To The Clone War Chaos

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The Republic helped create a lasting era of peace and harmony. But like all good things, this too passed. An era of unprecedented peace led to severe complacency. This complacency led to a certain over-ambitious factions try to get ahead of themselves. As worlds in the Outer Rim and the corporate entities realized their hunger for power, the Clone wars began. Billions of lives were lost in the ensuing battles. When the Empire came into force, the chaos and turmoil of the Clone Wars came to an end.

Helped Boost The Galactic Economy By Leaps And Bounds

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The Empire knew it was taking over from a government that had left the inter-galactic economy in shambles. With the Trade Federation no longer able to exercise its influence, a void was there in the economy that needed to be filled as soon as possible. The Empire acme up with a quick and easy solution amicable for all. It seized the assets of anyone who supported the Confederacy and created co-operatives out of them. There was better distribution of wealth with the manufacturing industry receiving a massive shot in the arm. Kuat Drive Yards, Sienar Fleet Systems, and Merr-Sonn Munitions were some of those co-operatives created, that later became the powerhouses of the Empire. They also employed huge swathes of people, allowing citizens to advance based on their merit and skills.

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Co-Existence With Aliens

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There is no denying the fact that the Empire preferred humans for powerful positions. But there are several non-movie instances where a non-human rose to power within the Empire, something we rarely saw in The Republic. Palpatine was a man who preferred results. He was alright with a non-human taking charge as long as he got what he wanted. Many of his Inquisitors were aliens. Grand Admiral Thrawn was a non-human from the Chiss Ascendency. When the Empire built the Shield Generator at Endor, it rarely got into a tussle with the native Ewoks. Only after the Rebels instigated the Ewoks that the latter took up arms against the Imperial contingent there.

A Patron Of Sports & Arts

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The Empire wanted to dominate the Galaxy in militarily and politically. It had the power and influence to do anything it wanted. Granted it conquered many worlds and forcibly brought them under Imperial rule, it still encouraged sports and arts. The Empire established its own Imperial Symphony Orchestra, which traveled from one world to another. Being a part of the Orchestra was a huge deal for musicians. The Empire was a huge patron of sports as well. It helped invent Wegsphere, a low gravity soccer like sport. It became so popular that it was adopted as the official Imperial Game.

Greater Push For Technological Advancement

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The Empire pushed for a technological revolution in the fields of communication, transportation, and weaponry. It was not just a matter of pride, it was to meet the demand of knitting the vast regions of the Galaxy together. In order to create a channel of communication large enough for the Empire’s planetary subjects to stay in touch, it funded the research to create larger, more efficient telecommunications networks. The Death Star was powered by a unique crystal based energy source strong enough to destroy a planet. The Galactic Empire created thousands of jobs when they pushed for technological advancement. The Republic never cared to.

Most Of The Empire Is Actually Filled With Good People

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When we think of the Empire, we think of Palpatine, Darth Vader, and the ruthless stormtrooper forces. But the Empire is more than that. It is full of upstanding people. The movies never showed us their faces. But they do exist. In the canon supplementary novel Star Wars: Lost Wars, Ciana Ree joins the Imperial Navy. She becomes disheartened with the Empire’s methods but still manages to rise in rank. As the captain of a Star Destroyer, she personally goes against orders to save hundreds of civilians. She even personally looks out for her ship’s crew. That is just one of many examples.

No More Clones

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Both the Empire and the Republic used clones to fight wars. The Empire, after it came into force, filled its armed forces with clone troopers. But Palpatine made it a point that these clones would be phased out soon. The first generation clones were engineered to have a lifespan of the average human. Once their time was up, the second generation of the Imperial Army was filled with enlisted humans. People were allowed to volunteer to serve. This ensured that the element of ethics remained intact for the Empire. The Emperor wanted a workforce that would consent to fight for the Empire and not be forced to do their bidding.

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