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Star Wars Actor Was Scared For His Life After John Cena Threatened to Hit Him With a Chair: “He Has Zero Respect”

Star Wars Actor Was Scared For His Life After John Cena Threatened to Hit Him With a Chair: "He Has Zero Respect"

Amongst the many wrestler-turned-actors, John Cena has been making his way through the Hollywood industry at a steady pace. He has managed to get fame beyond compare and is getting project after project which can best highlight his talent as an actor. His wrestling career is much similar in terms of how well he performed and that only added to his popularity in the WWE.

John Cena | WWE
John Cena

He may have clashed with many wrestlers throughout his career but one particular incident stood out. It was with Freddie Prinze Jr. that things may have gotten too far, forcing the two to reconcile that very instant and try their best to stay in their own lanes. It not only helped them smoothen things out, but it also proved to Cena and Prinze that confrontation is better than letting the flame grow.

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John Cena Was Extremely Disrespectful To Freddie Prinze Jr.

John Cena and Freddie Prinze Jr. have had a history much before their acting careers. While Cena was a wrestler in the WWE, Prinze was a writer. It was during an acting class when all hell broke loose between the two.

Le retour de John Cena à la fin de l'année ne sera pas télévisé
John Cena

“So I’m not gonna fight the dude, so we go outside, and I go ‘Man, what the hell was that?’ And he goes ‘That’s what I was about to ask you.’ So he has zero respect for whatever process I’m attempting to bring to the table, right? And we kinda jaw back and forth for a minute, and these are his words, and he would admit to all this, it’s not a bad thing.”

He understood that there was no possible way he could have fought Cena, their size difference made it both impossible and illogical to do so. He recalled that it was during the middle of an acting class when the actor just picked up a chair and sat down between Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. He did not say much and instead was just taunting him. This forced Prinze to take things outside and settle things once and for all.

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John Cena And Freddie Prinze Jr. Talked It Out

Freddie Prinze Jr. believes in confrontation and communication. He stated that it was always better to solve the matter and talk about it then and there. So he decided that it would be best for the two to sort it between themselves.

Freddie Prinze Jr On “Miserable” Time Making I Know What You Did Last Summer – Deadline
Freddie Prinze Jr.

“But I look at him and I say ‘Hey man, not everyone can do what you do.’ Alright? I’m not saying ‘Hey can I work with John, and can I give him acting lessons?’ When I had my first meeting with Steph I said ‘Why the hell weren’t you Duke in GI Joe, you’re the best actor on the roster.’ I said, ‘But I’m trying to get them to a level where you’re at, or close to it, because if I don’t, who the hell is?’”

Cena agreed and understood that things needed to smooth down between them. Prinze was more than glad that it did not turn into a massive fight.

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Source: Inside The Ropes

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