Star Wars Ahsoka: Plot and Casting Details Revealed

There are a plethora of brand new Star Wars projects coming down the line to both Disney+ and in theaters. Andor is well into filming and the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series will be starting production very soon. As fans patiently wait for The Bad Batch, The Book of Boba Fett, and the third season of The Mandalorian to arrive, word online is that details on the plot and casting for Rosario Dawnson’s Ahsoka series have emerged thanks to Daniel RPK.


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Last year before the official announcement from Disney’s Investors Meeting,  FandomWire exclusively broke the news that Dawson would play the fan-favorite character in her very own leading show. As for plot details, the logline follows like this:

“Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) is on the hunt for the evil Grand Admiral Thrawn in the hope it will help her locate the missing Ezra Bridger, the young Jedi that disappeared with Thrawn many years ago. Based on characters from the “Star Wars” franchise. A spinoff of the TV series “The Mandalorian”.

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The plot feels like a no-brainer. For those who haven’t watched Star Wars Rebels let’s give you a refresher. In the final moments of the series finale, Ezra manages to get the purrgil to destroy Thrawn’s fleet on Lothal. The purrgil then grabs Thrawn’s flagship and prepares to drag it into hyperspace. Despite pleas from his friends, Ezra decides to stay on the ship to make sure Thrawn is defeated for good, and they jump away.

Time skip to 5 years later after the events of Return of the Jedi, the Rebel Alliance celebrate the victory over the Battle of Endor. Sabine then teams up with Ahsoka Tano to search for Ezra, leaving behind a mural on Lothal depicting the Ghost crew.

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Now as for character details, Ahsoka is set to introduce two new characters named Boka and Morai. For Boka, this character is described as:

“A very strong-minded and independent, as well as a natural leader. Boyish-looking Middle Eastern, African, Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Mixed Ethnicity or West Indies/Caribbean actors between the ages of 20-35 years old are being sought after for the role.”

Morai on the other hand is described character is described as:


“A very volatile and unreliable male character, who is simultaneously complex and shady. There is no specific race or ethnicity listed for the role, but actors between the ages of 40-60 years old are ideal.”

There’s also a casting rumor floating around that Aladdin actor Mena Massoud is in talks to play the live-action version of Ezra Bridger. While we wait to hear an official word on the show, Daniel RPK mentions that the series could premiere on Disney+ next year.

Ahsoka will be produced by Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, and Kathleen Kenndy. Are hyped for the upcoming Star Wars spin-off? Let us know in the comments below!


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