Star Wars Eclipse Still Exists, and It’s Simmering

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It’s been two years since Star Wars Eclipse was announced at The Game Awards 2021 by Quantic Dream and nothing much has been known about the game after that. There were also rumours past year that the game was delayed due to development issues but Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developers crushed those reports.


Developers at Quantic Dream had also confirmed that Star Wars Eclipse would have the signature fundamentals of the studio which hasn’t been seen in previous Star Wars games. Now, Lisa Pendse, VP of Marketing at Quantic Dream has given an update on the game’s development.

Star Wars Eclipse is Simmering – Quantic Dream

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development and it is going smoothly
Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development and it is going smoothly

Star Wars Eclipse is set in the High Republic era of the Star Wars franchise, hundreds of years before Han Solo and Anakin Skywalker. While there are not many details about the game and storyline, it is a golden age for Jedi different than seen in television shows and movies. Lisa Pendse, during an interview with IGN at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, described the development of Star Wars Eclipse as “simmering.” When asked for an update, she said,


“Can I say it still exists? Because it exists. It’s just not ready. It’s simmering.”

Lisa Pendse stated that the Quantic Dream has always wanted to state that Eclipse is an action-adventure game. She added that the game will have all the elements expected from the titles of Quantic Dream including “intricately branching narratives, multiple playable characters,” giving players the ability to play as the character of their own choice.

Star Wars Eclipse will retain the fundamentals of Quantic Dream studio
Star Wars Eclipse will retain the fundamentals of Quantic Dream studio

Another major revelation was that no matter who dies, the storyline continues. Pendse said,

“There’s no game over. Anyone can die, anything can happen and the story sort of continues so that those signatures are still there. But what we’ve been doing is even more ramping up our expertise in the gameplay arena.”

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Star Wars Eclipse is still years away from its release and as per Lisa Pendse, the studio is focusing on getting the game right, especially the gameplay. Quantic Dream was acquired by Chinese video game company NetEase back in 2022. Pendse concluded that they have no pressure from NetEase and that the game will only launch when Quantic Dream feels it’s ready. She also said this shows in the high level of quality in the games that the studio delivers. She stated,

“One of the amazing things about working with NetEase is that they’re not imposing release dates on us. Quantic Dream has always released games when they’re ready and I think the high level of quality that you get when you buy a Quantic Dream game is a testament to the value of that approach. And it’s the same exact same thing with Star Wars Eclipse. So you will know, but it’s too early right now to really give any update on it.”

Star Wars Eclipse's story will continue no matter which characters die
Star Wars Eclipse‘s story will continue no matter which characters die

There is no real update on the release date of Star Wars Eclipse yet but it is confirmed that the game will have no game over screen. The characters will live and die as per the player’s choice. Other than that, numerous Star Wars games have been canceled and players can only hope that Eclipse sees the light of the day.

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What do you think about Star Wars Eclipse? Will you be playing the game come release, given it ever launches? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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