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Star Wars: Every Sith Inquisitor, Explained

The former Jedi fallen to the dark side known as “The Inquisitors” who have formed the Inquisitorious are often misunderstood in Star Wars’ canon universe. So, here’s every Inquisitor finally explained- 

Grand Inquisitor

His welcome was short-lived as he died by the first season’s finale. Buthe was a striking, menacing, Pau’an who pursued former Padawan- Kanan Jarrus and prospective Jedi- Ezra Bridger. His backstory revealed that he used to be one of the Jedi Temple Guards who seized the traitorous Jedi- Barriss Offee. Moreover, his dark side powers were considered second only to Vader and Sidious within the Empire. 

1. Grand Inquisitor
Menacing inquisitor

Second Sister

Formerly known as the Padawan Trilla Suduri, she survived Order 66 with her master Junda. However, Junda gave away Trilla’s location to the Imperials. Feeling betrayed by her master, Trilla fell to the dark side, becoming one of the cruelest and feared Inquisitors.

2. Second Sister
A Tragic Villain

Fifth Brother

The Fifth Brother was set to replace the Grand Inquisitor by hunting down the two Jedi who defeated him. He was almost entirely unconcerned about finesse and opted to use brute strength in his conflicts with Kanan and Ezra. Throughout Rebels season 2, he worked closely with the Seventh Sister.

3. Fifth Brother
Physically imposing but still weak

Sixth Brother

Upon joining the Inquisitorius, The Sixth Brother, once known as Bil Valen, lost his arm in training with Vader. He was an overconfident bully who brutalized the weak and defenseless but stood no chance against powerful opponents. However, he was a coward as he cut off the Ninth Sister’s leg to allow himself to escape once.

4. Sixth Brother
Ultimately a coward and a backstabber

Seventh Sister

Seventh was one of the most formidable antagonists of Rebels season 2, along with her partner, the Fifth Brother. Her crafty use of ID9 Parrot Droids complimented his brute force. The two came dangerously close to defeating Kanan and Ezra numerous times throughout the season. 

5. Seventh Sister
Ahsoka’s enemy

Eight Brother

The Eighth Brother was dispatched to hunt down Maul. When he tracked him to Malachor, he joined forces with the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister. Maul killed off fifth and Seventh, and the Eighth Brother soon attempted to retreat from this fight but fell to his death as his helicopter-y saber was damaged.

6. Eight Brother
With his unique saber

Ninth sister

Former Jedi known as Masana Tide had her leg cut off by the Sixth Brother. Still, she survived and went atop the Origin Tree to find Cal Kestis. However, Cal eventually got the upper hand and pushed her off the tree, and she fell to her death.

7. Ninth sister
She has had a dark past

The Tenth Brother

Prosser Dibs grew disenchanted with the ways of the Jedi and committed treason by trying to kill Mace Windu during their mission. He was spared death because of Windu’s pleading to the Jedi High Council. However, once the Republic fell, Dibs joined the Inquisitorius.

8. The Tenth Brother
Result of Windu’s flawed judgment

Unnamed Inquisitor

This unnamed Inquisitor was very un-Imperial-like, and that was the cause of his untimely death by Darth Vader. Despite having a soft side, he was not incapable either as he helped Sith catch Jedi Master and his family. He found his romantic interest in a fellow Inquisitor very liberating as the Jedi Order forbid connections.

9. Unnamed Inquisitor 
Breath of fresh air

Unnamed Female Inquisitor

The unnamed Inquisitor was the one who felt mutual affection for the unnamed Twi’lek. Just like her lover, she was ruthless in fulfilling Inquistor’s duties but was also willing to fight Vader for her love. Unsurprisingly Vader killed both of them.

10. Unnamed Female Inquisitor
Her love was inspiring


Each inquisitor is very interesting, right?! 

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