10 Star Wars Families with the Strongest Force Connections

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The force has been strong with many bloodlines. It is time we take a look at all the Force Sensitive Families in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.



The planet of Tatooine did not give rise to just one line of Jedis. Another Jedi Family that is not as well-known also hails from the same world. The Diath family are some of the unluckiest in the entire Jedi Order. Countless descendants of the Diath were either killed by the Sith or died humiliatingly fighting bandits and raiders. Despite suffering huge losses, the Diath still remained loyal to the Order of the Jedi, which is why Obi Wan-Kenobi acknowledged them as a staunch Jedi Order ally.


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Nightbrother Clan

The mysterious Nigtbrother Clan consisted of the mysterious Dathomorian warriors that dabbled in the Dark Side of the Force. The Nightbrothers were a lower class subsidiary branch of the Nightsisters, who had a more potent connection to the force. The Dathomirian Mother Talzin birthed two sons – Savage Oppress and Darth Maul, who became renowned Dark Side users themselves. Both the brothers drew the attention of Count Dooku and Darth Sidious, with the latter sibling even getting the chance to study as a Sith under Palpatine. He was banished from the Sith Order after his humiliating defeat at the hands of Obi Wan-Kenobi. Oppress was the apprentice of Count Dooku. He later defected to form his own Criminal Empire.


House Serenno

House Serenno is the one Count Dooku, the ruthless Sith warrior and ally of Darth Sidious hails from. House Serenno was a wealthy noble family. When Dooku was chosen to follow the path of the Jedi Order, he had to adhere to their strict rules of sacrifice and ascetic mentality. After a certain point of time, Dooku realized the path of the Jedi was stagnant and taking him nowhere. Count Dooku returned to reclaim his right to the throne of Hosue Serenno and by default, the massive fortune his ancestors had left behind for him. House Serenno has several potential force sensitive recruits that were sent to be trained as Sith apprentices and later took part in the Separatist movement.



The Qel-Droma bloodline originated from the Planet of Alderaan. The three descendants of the family – Lien Tsai, and her sons Ulic, and Cay went on to become Jedi Knights. The Qel-Droma is considered to be a cursed bloodline. Ulic, a renowned Jedi Knight, fell from grace, defected to the Dark Side of the Force. After becoming a Sith, he murdered his sibling Cay. Ulic would then fight Nomi and changed sides again. Giving the Jedi the edge they needed to defeat the Sith. Despite his obvious fallacies, Ulic is seen as a hero. But the Qel-Droma was never able to forgive himself for his crimes.


The Sunrider Clan‘s greatest Force Sensitive Warrior is Nomi an extremely powerful Jedi Warrior. Nomi is revered and well-respected as a warrior by both the Jedi and the Sith. She fought and forcefully dragged Ulic Qel-Droma back to the light. She was pivotal in putting an end to the Great Sith War and bringing down the Exar Kun. Her daughter Vima also went on to become a Jedi Knight and lived up to the reputation her mother had built over the years.


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The Shan bloodline is basically the raw equivalent of pure firepower within the Force. The union of Bastille Shan and Revan gave birth to a powerful progeny of Force Users. Bastilla later fought and defeated Darth Revan, and brought him back into the fold of the Light Side. Their child Satele Shan is also a powerful Force User. Satele Shan’s child is also a powerful Jedi Knight. The list goes on and on when it comes to the Shan bloodline.


The Jedi Order forbids Jedis to marry or fall in love as part of their effort to purge the Jedis of all desires by forcing them to let go of their materialistic possessions. The House of Marek is a slap on that rule. It was formed after the union of Kneto and Mallie Marek. The Mareks had a son named Galen Marek. He is more infamously known as the Star-Killer. Galen ended up under the care of Darth Vader, who took him as an apprentice. Marek has performed feats even the greatest Force Users consider to be a miracle of nature. One of his feats was bringing down a star destroyer using nothing but Force Telekinesis.



The legacy of the Skywalkers was so vast and wide that a total of nine movies were needed to give it a fair chance of a detailed explanation to the fans. What started with Anakin Skywalker ended with the journey of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Organa’s son Kylo Ren and Luke’s protégé Rey Skywalker later saved the Galaxy from the wrath of the First and Final Order. As far as the journey of Star Wars goes, there is no way that we could ignore the contributions of the Skywalkers. Their connection to the Force is one of the strongest we have ever seen.



Maybe the Palpatines were not as influential and well-known as the Skywalkers. But they had their role in shaping the fate of the Galaxy far, far away. Darth Sidious led the Sith to take over the Galaxy and destroy the Galactic Republic along with the Jedi Order. The Palpatines’ connection to the Dark Side cannot be ignored. Both Emperor Palpatine and Rey had strong connections to the Dark Side. Both the known members of this family are strong Force users. They are also some of the greatest warriors the Universe has ever seen.

The Ones

The Ones are the oldest Force Sensitive Family in the history of Star Wars. The three members of this family titled the Father, the Son and the Daughter each represent the dark side and the light side of the Force, with the Father representing the total embodiment of either side. The Ones existed and thrived a million years before the events that led to the Clone Wars saga. The tale of the Ones has biblical implications. The Fatheer created the Son and the Daughter. But unlike Christian Mythology, the one who got tempted was the Son, who drank from the Font and was granted the power of the Dark Side. The Daughter bathed in the Pool and was granted the power to access the Light Side.




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