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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Tips’n’Tricks for Important XP Perks and How to Obtain Them

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has released to much fanfare, with overwhelmingly positive reviews all across the web, including our own. Performance issues and a bloated open world aside, there’s a lot to do in EA’s latest Jedi adventure, and with eight different skill trees and seventy-plus skills to learn, it’s imperative to use everything at your disposal, and that includes perks, or more specifically, two XP perks.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Wisdom Perk

Star Wars Jedi

The first of the two XP perks available is the Wisdom Perk, which in essence is a generic RPG perk that grants more XP points for the enemies you defeat. With the sheer amount of animals and stormtroopers you come across in your traversal of multiple worlds, this extra XP soon adds up.

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Upon completion of the fifth main mission ‘The Forest Array’, you’ll have access to Zee’s Datadisc Decryption Store, which allows you to buy a variety of different items in exchange for those shiny datadiscs strewn across the environment. Costing three perk slots the Wisdom Perk will fill your perk slots completely, therefore minimising any other potential playstyles and perks – at least at first – but it’s a worthy trade off.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Gambler Perk

Star Wars Jedi
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A far riskier and more involved perk than the previous one, but with a far greater reward XP wise, the Gambler Perk brings as many risks with it as it does rewards. Costing four perk slots and only available after progressing the main story to a point where you have unlocked the ‘Green Forcefield Dash’, you’ll be able to obtain the perk by completing the Jedha rumour and defeating the Sutaban Alpha.

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Unlike the Wisdom Perk, the Gambler Perk will increase the XP gained for any and every action you gain XP for, be that killing enemies, scanning with BD-1, filling the enemy tactical guide and more; it all gives you XP. However, as good as it is, it also has drawbacks, and with the Gambler Perk it’s a doozy. If you die, be it falling from a cliff or at the hands of a pesky enemy, you won’t simply restore and revive at the cliff’s edge or meditation spot without punishment. Your XP resets to the last fully completed skill point, meaning a lot of killing and exploring can go to waste with just one mistep.

There are plenty of opportunities in the game to put these two perks to more specific use rather than just general gameplay, if you’d like to level up quickly and become overpowered. There’s a few places in the early game that allow for farming enemies; the Gorocco at Derelict Dam, the Separist Droids at Fort Kah’lin and more, but you can also complete the Force Tears available to you to quickly farm XP.

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