6 Reasons Mace Windu is a Better Jedi Master Than Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Talks of a Mace Windu spin-off project keep the rumor mills churning within the Star Wars fanbase. Now that Obi-Wan Kenobi has his solo series, is it time for Mace Windu to get his due recognition? Here’s why we think that Windu is a much better Jedi Master than Obi-Wan Kenobi and Star Wars should give him a solo project of his own.


Unlike Obi-Wan, He Was Ready To Kill His Rogue Apprentice

Mace Windu's apprentice Depa Billaba
Mace Windu’s apprentice Depa Billaba

In the Star Wars novel Shatterpoint, Windu travels back to his homeworld of Haruun Kal. The purpose of his travel is very tragic. One of his former apprentices has reportedly fallen to the dark side and Windu must deal with her if the rumors are true. Depa Billaba plays dead as she lures Windu into the trap, using her own body as bait. Windu gets ambushed as Billaba presses her lightsaber handle into his torso and turns it on, the saber piercing her master’s gut.


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Does Windu give up now that he has a gaping hole in his lower abdomen? No! He holds on to Billaba’s lightsaber and sucks up the pain as the two duel on the jungle planet. While Kenobi was too merciful to Anakin, Windu came fully prepared to take his former student down. The story is non canon now.


His Ultimate Ability – Shatterpoint

Shatterpoint - Star Wars
Shatterpoint – Star Wars

Probably the most unique ability in his arsenal, Mace Windu could use the force to identify weak spots. And it was not just weak spots in the physical realm. Shatterpoint could be used on people too, to find out their weakness. Windu used the ability to break open enemy defenses with the minimal effort.

It was this ability that helped him sense that Anakin was somehow working with Palpatine in the Revenge of the Sith novel. It turns out that Anakin was the ‘absolute shatterpoint of the Sith’. When Anakin arrived, all of Palpatine’s worries vanished. This ability would be so useful in battle.


His Students Ended Up Becoming Great Jedi Themselves

Star Wars Legends
Star Wars Legends

Unlike Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu had a long list of students that became legends within the Jedi Order. Depa Billaba is a good example. Billaba was so good at being a Jedi that she ended up becoming a Jedi Knight and eventually serving on the Jedi High Council besides her former master. Echuu Shen-Jon served as a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars, survived Order 66, and then helped the rebel alliance. Devan For’deschel became a Jedi Master and led the expedition team into the Almas Sith Fortress.

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While Windu’s padawans became Jedi legends, Kenobi’s padawan was the reason for the fall of the Jedi Order.

Invented His Own Form Of Dark Side Enhanced Lightsaber Combat – Vaapad

Mace Windu - Form VII aka Vaapad
Mace Windu – Form VII aka Vaapad

There’s a reason Master Yoda didn’t bode well with Mace Windu. It was because of Windu’s aggressive lightsaber combat technique that banked on harnessing one’s inner darkness. In theory, any Jedi who has the power to control his darkness can access the dark side but remain uncorrupted by it. In practicality, it is a herculean task. No one other than Mace Windu has been able to achieve this feat.


When questioned by Obi-wan Kenobi, this was the reply given by Mace Windu:

“I created Vaapad to answer my own weakness. It channels my own darkness into a weapon of light.”

His Legendary Victory In The Twilek Homeworld Of Ryloth

Liberty on Ryloth - Clone Wars Season 1
Liberty on Ryloth – Clone Wars Season 1

Mace Windu is not just a great fighter and teacher, he is also a much better strategist than Obi-Wan Kenobi. In Clone Wars season 1 episode “Liberty on Ryloth”, Mace Windu shows his leadership skills as well as his courage under fire. As the Separatist forces held the capital city of Lessu under their control, Mace Windu led the Republic soldiers to victory. Using the Force, he broke through their defences and took down armored units by himself.


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His exploits in Ryloth helped secure a legendary victory. Windu’s bravery became so popular that even after the Republic fell to the Empire, Hera Syndulla still remembered the legendary Jedi victory over the Separatist forces on Ryloth in an episode of Star Wars Rebels.


Gave Up The Position Of Grand Master Of The Jedi Order

Jedi Council - Star Wars
Jedi High Council – Star Wars

Most wrongly assume that the mantle of Grand Master always belonged to Yoda. But that isn’t the case. Yoda had little to no care about the political machinations that came with the title. So it was Jedi Master Mace Windu who took up that role initially. Windu was one of the youngest Jedi ever to achieve the title of Jedi Grandmaster at the tender age of 28.

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But he later gave up that role during the Clone Wars. He wanted take a more active role in the war and as a Grand Master, his hands were more or less tied. It takes guts to leave the seat that grants the one who assumes it one of the most powerful roles in the galaxy. True power is not holding onto power. True power is knowing when to relinquish it. Obi-Wan Kenobi knew it but Mace Windu practiced it.


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