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10 Humorous Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Memes

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“I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi. The dark side of the Force surrounds the Chancellor”- Master Windu.

Before we start as to what this article is all about, let us first know about the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Written and Directed by George Lucas, the Star Wars prequel trilogy is a series of epic space-opera, which was allocated by the 20th Century Fox. 

This set of movies was released from 1999 to 2005 and as the aftermath of the original Star-Wars Trilogy. Among these three sequel movies, Revenge Of The Sith is one of the funniest movies of all. Being the third and final Episode of this sequel, it was a funny movie.

It has been almost 15 years since George Lucas’ Star Wars spin-off trilogy came to an end. 

Despite this, the Star Wars prequel trilogy faced a lot of hatred and disputation initially; later, the set movies became very cherished among the fans, which has not yet entirely disappeared. 

Along with this rush of popularity among the fans as just the Star Wars movies, these spin-offs have the slide in perfectly into today’s social media world. 

It’s all because of some hilarious memes about these movies. This Star Wars Major prequel trilogy is the most meme-able group of film out there in the market, and Revenge of the Sith being the best movie among the three. 

Today, at FandomWire we have decided to entertain its fans with some humorous star wars revenge of the sith memes.

1. Hello There X 4:


2. Bananakin:


3. Take A Seat:

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4. Battle Of The Heroes: Dog Vs. Vaccum:

everyday meme 1

5. Betrayal:

Star Wars Yoda Hello There Meme

6. Did You Ever Hear The Story??


7. Oh Yes, The Negotiator:

Star Wars Ah Yes The Negotiator Meme

8. How Ironic:

Star Wars Ironic Meme

9. ‘Tis But A Scratch:

Star Wars Monty Python Meme

10. Super Easy:

Star Wars Rvenge Of The Sith Obi Wan Meme



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