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Star Wars: Strongest Jedi Padawans, Ranked

Star Wars Strongest Jedi Padawans Ranked

When it comes to comparing the characters of Star Wars, we sure have a tough time putting our beloved heroes against one another. But at the same time, you’ve got to know who the strongest warrior is. Who is the supreme protector of the galaxy? So here’s your job made easy! Check out this list of the strongest Jedi Padawans, from most to least powerful.

1. From the very beginning, Anakin Skywalker showed signs of being extraordinary. When he was on planet Tatooine, he could race pods with the help of his superhuman reflexes. This helped him land in the Jedi temple and gain true freedom. At a very young age, he wielded the Force, something he is famous for. Anakin’s midi-chlorian count is higher than any existing Jedi. Therefore he is the most powerful Jedi Padawan to exist so far.

Anakin Skywalker- jedi
The most powerful Jedi of all time

2. There is no doubt that if anybody is following Anakin, it will be Revan. His combat skills and strategic planning make him invincible against most Jedi. He was the Commander for the Galactic Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. Revan’s falling out with the Jedi was almost apocalyptic and brutal to combat.

Revan- Jedi
You don’t want this Jedi as your enemy.

3. Power isn’t simply measured from one’s ability to fight but also having something significant to fight for. Yoda has been with the Jedi Order for most of his life, which counts to somewhat around a thousand years. That sort of time cultivates a genuine devotion, which makes him extremely powerful at will. As for his Jedi powers, he had the highest midi-chlorian count in his time, which also helped him become the Jedi master when he was 100 years old.

Yoda- jedi
Master Yoda is everyone’s favorite, and for good reason

4. Dooku is a true idol! After being abandoned as a child, he found his way to becoming one of the strongest Jedi in the Order. After years of training under Master Yoda, he finally beat Syfo-Dias without using his eyes and the spare hand. However, his vision went much farther than the Order and the Jedi temple. Growing up, Dooku never accepted the bureaucracy of the Jedi order for what it was. His clear political motives are what drove him out of the Order when he decided to impact the world, using his origin as an asset.

The righteous, politically motivated hero

5. Luke Skywalker‘s list of accomplishments is quite an interesting one. He could communicate telepathically, levitate objects, and see the future. There’s much more to mention, but most importantly, he was able to hold his own in a duel with Darth Vader. Luke has a legacy in the Jedi order, so it was apparent to expect great things out of him. Other than his self-doubt, nothing was holding him back from being the savior of the galaxy.

Luke Skywalker
He did not need the Jedi tag to be awesome, he was a natural

6. Ben Solo‘s heritage speaks for itself. When you have Solo and Skywalker blood running through your body, nature itself promises extraordinary powers. Ben Solo, however, comes with dark forces that can be compared to the Supreme Leader Snoke. Skywalker didn’t want him to succumb to his dark side. Therefore he attempted to kill his own nephew. Clearly, that did not go well.

Ben Solo
You could almost feel sad for him but he doesn’t need sympathy

This was it for some of the most powerful Jedi Padawans in the Star Wars franchise. Their stories and accomplishments are incredibly fascinating. If you enjoyed reading about it, check out our YouTube videos for similar content.

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