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Star Wars: The Bad Batch – 10 Wild Theories That Just Might Be True

Star Wars The Bad Batch 10 Wild Theories That Just Might Be True

Now that the first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has hit Disney+, fans have ben flooding the internet with theories. Some are too good to ignore.

Crosshair is a Double Agent. He Will Betray The Empire

the bad batch 10

During the climax of the first episode, we see Crosshair switch sides. Tarkin ordered the Kaminoans to enhance his inhibitor chip. From the looks of it, the Clone Force 99 sharp shooter is now an Imperial lapdog. Or is he? Crosshair explains in the hangar showdown that Hunter always failed to see the “bigger picture”. What was he actually referring to? It is entirely possible that the inhibitor chip enhancement did not work on Crosshair. Since even the Kaminoans allowed Clone Force 99 to escape and they were the ones controlling the chip enhancement process for Crosshair, it is a very real possibility that Crosshair is a double agent working to sabotage Tarkin’s plans from within, ergo “the bigger picture.”

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Clone Force 99 Will Meet Cut Lawquane

the bad batch 9

This will probably not be confirmed till the May 8th episode. Now that Clone Force 99 has officially gone rogue, they need a place to lay low. And there are not many allies of Clone Force 99. The only few allies left in the Galaxy are scattered far and wide. The bad Batch is likely headed for the J-129 sector, better known as Saluecami. In The Clone Wars series, General Rex met a deserter clone in the region by the name of Cut Lawquane. There is no one else that fits the bill. This will probably be confirmed next episode.

Hunter Is Force-Sensitive

the bad batch 8

This is by far the wildest theory ever. There are a few theories on Reddit that claim Hunter, leader of Clone Force 99, is Force-Sensitive. The notion of a trooper gaining Force based abilities is not new. The Sequel trilogy revealed Finn might be gifted as well although it was never explored further. Hunter is an experimental clone with near superhuman senses. His senses go beyond the normal 5 senses of the human body. Hunter is gifted with a sizeable amount of Midichlorians in his body that allow him to sense and fell changes in his surroundings not possible for a normal human being. There are a few Clone Troopers in Star Wars canon that were created from the genetic template of a Jedi Knight instead of Jango Fett’s. Could Hunter be one?

Clone Force 99 Was Not Created Deliberately. They Were Accidents.

the bad batch 7

Omega was revealed to be another enhanced clone in the episode. But why does she look so different from the other members of Clone Force 99. There might be a reason behind that as well. The Clone Troopers are male with near identical skin and hair color. Omega is a blonde female with lighter skin. the reason why she is different is simple. As the years have gone by, the genetic template of Jango Fett, based on which the clone soldiers are created, has started to run thin. Years of cloning have started creating inevitable genetic mutations in successive batches of clones. Clone Force 99 was merely the first batch of genetically defective clones due to the aberrations in their genetic code. More will soon follow.

Omega Is An Advanced Generation Clone Superior To Clone Force 99

the bad batch 6

The Kaminoans are responsible for creating Clone Force 99. They have control over how they look and act. They even control their mental conditioning and genetic programming. So why did they make an exception for Omega? The rest of the Clone Force 99 members are different from Omega. besides, she is never allowed to go astray and stay near her Kaminoan mentor at all times. It could be because Omega is a closely guarded secret, poised to become the first of a new generation of enhanced clone troopers.

The Bad Batch Concludes With The Infamous Kamino Uprising

the bad batch 5

The Kaminoans are enraged although they don’t show it yet. Their cloning facilities are their primary source of revenue. Now that their longstanding contract with the Republic is now over, they need to do something. The Empire doe snot care about Kamino’s cloning facilities. They are looking to fully replace the clone troopers with conscripted soldiers. In the Star Wars timeline, Kamino, angry at the way it was treated by Imperial Forces, creates its own personalized clone army to lead the charge for the Kaminoan Uprising. Prime Minister Lama Su is desperately trying to convince Tarkin to keep funding their cloning facilities because they know they might need them to fight back against the Empire. They secretly helped Clone Force 99 escape because the Kaminoans intent to let them lead the new Kaminoan Clone Army.

The Mandalorian’s Boba Fett Fights Clone Force 99

the bad batch 4

If the Kaminoan Uprising is happening, there is a high probability that Boba Fett, the infamous bounty hunter, will be seen in a much more pivotal role. In the Star Wars canon universe, the Empire hires Boba Fett to help them quell the Kaminoan Rebellion. With Clone Force 99 aiding Lama Su’s clone troopers, the possibility of Boba Fett fighting Clone Force 99 is high.

Who Was The Dead Jedi On The Stretcher In Kamino?

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There have been many guesses for the actual identity of the dead Jedi we see in Episode 1 of The Bad Batch. While there are too many guesses to count, the most plausible theory is that it is Jedi Master Shaak Ti. Master Shaak Ti was a Togruta Jedi master who fought in the Battle of Geonosis. She would then personally oversee the cloning facilities of Kamino, trying to find a way to teach the clones compassion and morality. When order 66 was executed, Shaak Ti was most likely on Kamino and was swiftly executed by the “Regs”.

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The Bad Batch Will See The Return Of Many Star Wars Rebel Characters

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Jedi Matsr Depa Billaba has already made an appearance in The Phantom Menace. Her apprentice – Padawan Caleb Dume, is a loyal student of the Jedi Order. He fled the scene when Order 66 was executed. As one of the only few Jedi survivors, he went into hiding and was later seen in star Wars Rebels. taking Ezra Bridger under his wing to teach him the way of the Jedi. Since Caleb Dume was shown in the very first few moments of the season premiere, there is a high probability other core Star Wars Rebels characters (as their younger selves) will make an appearance throughout the first season of The Bad Batch.

Ahsoka Tano Might Be Coming

the bad batch 1

Ahsoka Tano managed to escape her death when Order 66 was executed. She then went on a planet hoping spree through the Outer Rims. The Empire would come pretty close but she managed to evade them every time. Her adventures as a Jedi Survivor during the Empire’s reign has been well chronicled. So fans might be thinking there is no way she might be meeting Clone Force 99 in the series. Another Republic exile – Captain Rex, has ben confirmed for The Bad Batch. Both Clone Force 99 and Ahsoka Tano will be avoiding worlds within Imperial Jurisdiction. So a cameo appearance might be in order for Tano. Besides, The Bad Batch would be a good makreting vehicle for the upcoming Ahsoka Tano series.

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