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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Release Date Revealed

Ahsoka Clone Wars Season 7

Disney may have accidentally released the upcoming date for the debut of the next season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

Disney released a promotional reel full of footage that shows what is coming to Disney+ this year, which includes the final season of The Clone Wars. The video created by Disney says that the show is coming out on February 17, 2020. The Disney+ reel quickly taken down shortly afterwards. 

clone wars season 7 release date

This new season is set to finish the fan-favorite series with 12 episodes and probably doing the normal Disney+ weekly release. Season 7 will also be the final season for this beloved show.

Ever since San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Dave Filoni has been slowly giving more and more information about what to expect about the last season.  Filoni said that Disney gave him one last season to tie up old plot lines and finish the show on his terms. 

Dave Filoni gave more details at Star Wars Celebration Chicago in April 2019, saying that the final season was a great way to give explanations for thinks that came up in Rebels. Filoni took episodes that were originally planned 5 or 6 years ago, as the episodes for the upcoming season. Most of the basic animation and pre-visuals had been completed before the show originally got the ax. But to now fit with the new canon material laid out by Disney, changes were made to accommodate the new canon including Maul appearing in the same outfit seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story as one of the direct connections to the new films.

Filoni said at the D23 Expo that the new season would be releasing February of 2020, which lines up with the leak from this new promotional video. Filoni also said that he decided to direct the last four episodes of the series since the show means so much to him, that it only felt right that he should get to finish the series himself.

Written by Josh Collins

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