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Star Wars: The Galaxy Far, Far Away’s Deadliest Criminals, Ranked

The Galaxy Far, Far Away is home to a plethora of deadly criminals. Star Wars is full of such evil vermin that break laws and kill innocents for a living. but only a select few could be considered the deadliest of them all.

Bala Tik

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We saw very little of Bala Tik and his infamous Guavian Death Gang. The Rathtars wreaked havoc through the Millennium Falcon and all we got was a glimpse. But Bala Tik’s short appearance in the movies should not demean his stature as a powerful criminal mastermind. He leads a group of cybernetically enhanced soldiers that used the latest in technology and bio-chemical enhancements that increased their speed and aggression. Not much is known about this guy but it must take a pretty incredible dude to lead a group of unstoppable cyborg soldiers.

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Jabba The Hut

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The first true crime lord we encountered in the Galaxy Far, Far Away was Jabba the Hutt. Jabba was a criminal too big for the Empire to take down. We mean that both literally and metaphorically. His Hurt Cartel was the stuff of legends. It ruled a vast region in the Outer Rims. The planets that came under the influential Hutt Cartel were strictly avoided by Imperial Starships at all costs. He made and broke laws and rules as he saw fit. The Cartel’s hegemony has been around for thousands of years. Jabba the Hutt was so powerful even Princess Leia’s powerful “Friends” did not scare him.

Lady Proxima

star wars 4


This creature is basically a female version of Jabba the Hutt. She is a part of an organization called the White Worms. Using orphans as her foot soldiers, she has made an entire criminal empire. Lady Proxima is how Han solo began his life as a street urchin and became the hotshot scoundrel he is known as today. Proxima is adept at exploiting legal loopholes. By employing children to conduct criminal activities, she has made herself untouchable. She is obviously scarier than Jabba the Hutt and a danger to the Galaxy far, far away.


star wars 3

After his fall from grace, Maul lost his place in the Sith Order. So he no longer had a part to play in the ongoing struggle between the Sith and the Jedi. But he still had a bone to pick. With his skills as a warrior, he carved out a place for himself in the Galaxy by creating his own criminal organization called the Crimson Dawn. One of the most well-known acts of the organization was almost managing to kill Darth Vader in the expanded universe. Before Crimson Dawn, Maul was a prominent member of another organization called the Shadow Collective. This guy is built for evil.

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Cad Bane

star wars 5

This bounty hunter is a formidable fighter. He has no connection to the Force but can hold his own against seasoned Jedi veterans. He is even infamous for killing many Jedi in open combat. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos took on this guy and almost lost. But his skills became his curse. Cad bane’s notoriety led to him making it to the wanted list of both the Republic and the Jedi Order. In the end, he bombed the Jedi Temple and framed Ahsoka Tano for the mishap, leading to her eventual exile.

Saw Gerrera

star wars 9

Maybe he started out meaning well. But that was not the case when we first saw Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera in Rogue One. A man who was once an honorable warrior had been taken over by hysteria and paranoia. He suspected everyone and everything. His infamy led to him becoming a head ache not just for the Empire but also for the Rebel alliance. Saw Gerrera became a bandit, committing horrific acts in the name of fighting his enemies and in the end, turned into an unstable despot and tyrant.

Ziton Moj

star wars 8


The Outer Rims are home to many criminal empires. Jabba the Hutt is but one name. There are more players other than the Hutt Cartel. There is also the Black Sun, a criminal organization that once frequently allied itself with the Empire. Even before the Galactic Empire came into being, Black Sun was allied with the Shadow Collective and made dealings with the Sith. Ziton Moj is the latest leader of the ancient criminal organization. He is a formidable fighter and master strategist, using unpredictable moves to take down his opponents.

Fennec Shand

star wars 7

She used to be one of the greatest criminals during the age of the Galactic Empire. after the Empire fail, she became a known fugitive. Burt her time as an infamous assassin working for various crime syndicates gave her skills not many possess. Armed with a sniper rifle and a tactical mind, Fennec Shand survived hordes of bounty hunters that came after her. It was only after she encountered the force of nature that is Din Djarin that she fell. Now that she is with Boba Fett, who is to say what else might be in store for Fennec Shand.

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Din Djarin

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This is not to say that criminals are supposed to be good guys. But this one sure is. Din Djarin started his life as a bounty hunter. We soon realize that underneath that tough Beskar armor is a heart of gold that will not let an innocent child become the test subject of heinous experiments. Din Djarin has done some questionable things even when he was doing the right thing. He broke into a prison ship and tried to spring a felon. He was considered an accessory to attempted murder of a New Republic Officer. After escaping with Grogu, he was practically the most wanted criminal in the Outer Rims after the Nevarro Bounty Hunters’ Guild disowned him.

Jango Fett

star wars 10

The bounty hunters stick to a code of ethics for a reason. They walk on a very thin line. One wrong step and the entire guild suffers because one of their members broke the law. Jango Fett though  never cared much about that. He was ready to do anything to get the job done. Killing innocents and taking illegal assignments like the assassination attempt on Padme Amidala being one of his many points in an infamous career. Jango Fett sold his genets to Kamino despite not knowing what’s going to happen next. He sided with the Separatists and fought the Republic’s forces. He even went toe to toe with the Jedi, that says wonders about his skills as a warrior.


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