Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Streaming on Disney+

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The force is strong with Disney+. The streaming platform now includes every film but one from the Skywalker’s saga after adding The Last Jedi on December 26.


Disney+ launched on November 12 but because of a deal made with Netflix, some movies owned by Disney (especially with franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars) took their time to arrive on the freshly launched streaming platform.

Finally, one of the most iconic sagas of all time is complete and ready to be fully enjoyed from your couch, or at least 90% of the way there, as Rise of Skywalker has yet to be added. The only other movie left to make its big entrance on Disney+ is Solo: A Star Wars Story (which should be out on the platform in July 2020).


It is now the opportune time to binge-watch the saga in whatever order that you see fit. That’s right, watch the original trilogy first and then the prequels or watch it the other way around – no one will judge you, as long as you show some love to the beloved saga from a galaxy far far away.

You can then finish it up by running to the theatre to watch The Rise of Skywalker for the first time ( or second, or third) or you can pull out those old Ewok films you have on DVD.

And do not fear young Padawan, the last opus of the saga will be released on Disney Plus in the first half of the new year, where it will stream exclusively.


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Disney has yet to confirm a release date but if you can’t wait for your Star Wars marathon, you might want to grab a Blu-Ray copy of The Rise of Skywalker in about 4 months. And if you are the very impatient type (we don’t blame you), you can buy the digital copy, usually out three months after the theatrical release.

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