Star Wars Theory Can Fix Daisy Ridley’s Sequel Trilogy by Revealing The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Was a Clone

Despite the book being closed on the Sequel trilogy, Star Wars could fix it by pulling one concept from the Extended Universe.

Daisy Ridley, Luke Skywalker


  • The Sequel Trilogy bungled the way it handled Luke Skywalker, but there is a way to fix it using the EU.
  • Luke Skywalker had a dark side clone in the EU called Luuke Skywalker, which is something that can be done to explain why Luke in the Sequels was so different.
  • The original Luke could be stuck in a different Galaxy, where he could have settled and started a family and a new Jedi Order.
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The Star Wars Extended Universe, one that Disney has relegated to the Legends continuity, is a wealth of great storytelling and concepts that have given a lot of fans comfort when Star Wars has not been able to satisfy the itch that fans hoped it would with it’s latest product. It has also been a resourceful library of ideas that fans like Dave Filoni are able to canonize into the main timeline of the franchise through their own works, in one way or the other.

Luke Skywalker in Th Last Jedi || Lucasfilm
Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi || Lucasfilm

It is widely known that Luke Skywalker’s portrayal in the Sequel Trilogy left much to be desired for fans, who were not just underwhelmed but were also quite angry about how the original trio of the franchise was handled. Bad writing and uncharacteristic actions aside, there was a lot that the films could have done right but did not for whatever reason.

However, a theory suggests that there might be a way to give a second shot to Luke Skywalker’s character in the story, if not the original trio, so that fans can have some semblance of satisfying closure for the character.


The Luke Skywalker of the Sequel Trilogy could have been a Clone

Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi || Lucasfilm
Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi || Lucasfilm

In the Star Wars Extended Universe, Luuke Skywalker was the clone of Jedi Master Luke, cultivated from the hand that Vader severed in Empire Strikes Back. Vader was also the one to retrieve Luke’s lightsaber, which we know found its way back to the Republic in the Sequel trilogy.

Luuke Skywalker was a villainous take on the character, functioning like a Luke who fell to the Dark Side, without actually having the hero of the story commit to that alignment in the era of the New Republic. While the Luke that we saw in The Last Jedi was far from being a dark facsimile of the Luke of the Original Trilogy, there was something off about the character, which caused him to go down the path that he did.

If Disney is interested in doing justice to at least one of the original characters of the trilogy, the Luke Rey may found could actually be a Clone, and Skywalker, the real Luke, could still be in hiding or otherwise occupied.


Where could the Original Luke Skywalker be, and what could his introduction bring on?

Rosario Dawson in and as Ahsoka
Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka || Disney

The Ahsoka series on Disney + blew the Star Wars universe wide open by introducing a separate galaxy. This is where Ahsoka is currently stuck, and where Thrawn has been assembling an army to invade his home Galalxy. Knowing that Balon Skoll is on the planet looking for some source of power, likely connected to the Sith, Skywalker could find himself coming to this Galaxy to help Ahsoka and find himself stranded here.

The Skywalker of the home galaxy could be a stand-in, someone Luke put in place as a temporary solution. However, as it became more and more evident that the original Luke Skywalker would probably not return, the Clone Skywalker would find himself becoming more and more agitated, culminating in him trying to slay Ben Solo.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker’s life in the other galaxy could be unfolding in a manner that pulls from the EU. Perhaps he has met this timeline’s version of Mara Jade and with no way of coming back to his home galaxy, settled down there, like Ezra Bridger, and started teaching the members of the galaxy the ways of the Jedi.


While Disney has said that it will try to keep the Skywalker Saga as is and focus on other parts of the Star Wars Universe, the Clone Luke fix could at the least redeem the sequels a little, by allowing audiences to see a competent older Luke with a family and a successful Jedi Order under his command. This might also be a cheeky narrative way of figuring out why Luke looks a little different in his ‘de-aged’ appearances in the Filoniverse, which could be written off as him being a clone.


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