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Star Wars: 12 Weirdest Force Powers You Will Never See in the Movies!!

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The Force is a mysterious source of energy that binds all life together in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. The Jedi and the Sith are the two factions most well-versed in using the abilities granted by the Force. Star Wars is more than just movies. It covers novelizations, video games, comic books, and live-action as well as animated Television series. What we have seen of the Force in Star Wars is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are way more unique, bizarre and to be frank frighteningly powerful abilities users of the Force could gain access to. These abilities will never be featured in the movies because they are just too insane.

Electric Judgment

star wars electric judgment

Force Lightning can also be used by Light Side users of the Force. But its use among the Jedi is mostly frowned upon and considered to be taboo. Electric Judgment is not as deadly as Force Lightning of the Sith but it does the trick just the same.

Deadly Sight

star wars deadly sight

The power of disintegrating anyone you could lay your eyes on could have been a game changer for the Sith. No wonder the movies did not feature it. Star Wars would have been over in an instant.


star wars tapas

The ability allows a Jedi to survive in the harshest of environments. When used in combination with the Force Shield, it could theoretically give a Force User the ability to survive unaided in space. This could be how Leia Organa’s infamous Mary Poppins in Space moment happened in The Last Jedi.

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Memory Walk

star wars memory walk

It is also known as Torture By Chagrin. Rokur, the Sith who created this technique, regularly used it on his crew members to steel their minds and make them more efficient.

Art of the Small

star wars art of thesmall

This ability allows a Force User to access the power of molecular manipulation. This can help in elemental transmutation, turning one substance into another by re-arranging its molecules. It could also be used in camouflaging one’s presence.


star wars shatterpoint

Shatterpoints are a rather elusive concept. They could be an event in history which defines the future like Count Dooku’s Role at Geonosis was termed a Shatterpoint by Mace Windu. It could also be used to break objects or people by exploiting its weakest link.

Time Drifting

star wars time drifting

Time Drifting is an advanced level Force ability that is basically used to view past events. If the conditions are right, a powerful Force user could even change the events he or she is viewing. Another less powerful ability called Flow-Walking can be used for the same effect. But it only allows observation, not manipulation of the past.

Plant Control

star wars plant surge

A variation of the ability was used by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious to impregnate Shmi Skywalker, mother of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One. It is said the first Jedi users seeded life throughout the galaxy using this ability.


star wars malacia

The only downside of this ability is that veteran Force Users can channel the Force Within their body and break free of Malacia. It is only a hundred per cent applicable on Non-Force Users.

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Transfer Essence

star wars transfer essence

The Clones Emperor Palpatine relied on had a time limit. After that, he had to transfer his essence to another clone as soon as possible otherwise his soul would be forced to go back to the After-life.

Battle Meditation

star wars battle meditation

Considering the Resistance was extremely outnumbered in their fight against the Empire, this technique would have come in really handy in turning the tide of the war. It’s a pity we did not see this technique in action in the movies.

Force Call

star wars force call

Introduced in the Dark Nest Series of Novels, the ability was also responsible for how dead Jedi Knights were able to contact the living ones.

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