Star Wars: Where is Earth?

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In the Galaxy Far, Far Away, an epic battle for the fate of all life rages relentlessly. The Jedi Order, the Beacons of Hope and Peace, fight the Order of the Sith, the Harbingers of Darkness. Welcome to the world of Star Wars – a world of technology, aliens, ancient magic, and an eternal rivalry between the Republic and the Empire. The question for today is – Where exactly is Earth within the Star Wars Universe?


Every Star Wars movie begins with the lines “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…..” George Lucas created a world that existed far out there, in the corner of the universe, where humanity will never be able to reach. Whatever happens in Star Wars, Earth has been written off and is no longer in play. So does Earth even exist in Star Wars? Or are we just firing blanks here??


There is some good news for the people who want the answer to that question to be Yes. Earth is canon in Star Wars. We know because it is one of the attractions for the Star Tours Travel Agency. Star Tours is better known as Star Tour Rides, a major attraction in a Disney Park. In Disney’s Florida Park, Star Tours Rides shows us the Earth System during the very beginning of the ride. This means Earth exists in Star Wars. Disney has also officially confirmed it on their website a long whole ago.


In fact, Earth does have some importance within Official Star Wars Canon. It was a refuelling station and flight hub for ships being dispatched for Endor. It falls within a network of routes that connects several more significant planets in Star Wars lore like Coruscant, Tatooine, Naboo, Hoth, and Kashyyyk.

Although not cannon, the Star Wars Extended Universe gives us even more details regarding Earth.  Earth is known as Urrtha in the Star Wars Universe. In Supernatural Encounters: The Trials and Transformation of Arhul Extrophon, it is shown that Humans first originated on Urrtha, and later migrated to Coruscant. Urrtha was displaced from its orbit using a sub-space engine and placed in another region of the universe called Other-Space.


Han Solo and Chewbacca also travel to Earth in the 2004 Into the Great Unknown comic book. It was written by W Haden Blackman. Han and Chewbacca crash land into an unknown planet later revealed to be Earth. Chewbacca and Hand find themselves in Western United States Territory. Han is killed by Tribesmen. Chewbacca escapes and is termed as the ‘Sasquatch’. Indiana Jones later found the remains of the ship centuries later. The comic book arc was a crossover between the two Lucas Films franchises.

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There is another hilarious reference to Earth within Star Wars lore. In January 2013, formally requested the Obama Administration to let the United States Government build its own Death Star. Another address came via the formal channels, written as an Order issued by the Galactic Empire. It was signed by 34,435 people, asking for Barack Obama to reconsider his denial of request to build a Death Star.

Barack Obama have a witty explanation as to why he denied the petition – the Death Star had a well-known design flaw and his views on not blowing up entire civilizations.


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