Star Wars: Who Are The Nightsisters?

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The whole Star Wars saga focuses mainly on the rivalry between two factions of the Force. The Light Side is made up of Jedi Warriors, whereas the Dark Side is the domain of the corrupting Sith Lords. However, there are dozens of other groups in the Star Wars Universe that rely on the Force for various reasons.


The Nightsisters

One such group is the Nightsisters. A clan of all women, the Nightsisters resided on the planet Dathomir. Also referred to as the Witches of Dathomir, they were adept at harnessing the dark energies that engulfed the planet.

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Although they don’t explicitly utilise the Force, the Nightsisters make use of Dathomir’s ichor through the power of ‘Magick’. Ichor is a substance used by the Sisters. Their powers are so strong that they have been known to use ichor to create matter out of thin air. They even have been able to resurrect the dead.


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The Nightsisters shared Dathomir with the males of the species, aptly named the Nightbrothers. However, the two genders kept apart other than for the purpose of mating. Sometimes, the Brothers wold even be used as servants.

In order to join the Nightsisters, there is a rigorous ritual. First, young women would have to bring a strong-willed creature to a lake using the Dark Side and drown it. The task would be proved with a limb from the creature. If one were to fail, then they too would be dragged to the bottom of the lake and drowned.

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The Clone Wars

Asajj Ventress is probably the most well-known of the Nightsisters. During the Clone Wars, Ventress worked as an apprentice to Count Dooku. The Mother of the Nightsisters at the time was Talzin. Talzin originally worked alongside Darth Sidious, until she was betrayed. But, she continued selling off the services of the Sisters as hit women and mercenaries.

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After Dooka betrayed Ventress, she returned to Dathomir and the Sisters. However, their revenge plan against Dooku failed and General Greivous was subsequently sent down to the planet. The Nightsisters were nearly all destroyed, along with their fortress.


After the Clone Wars, Dathomir fell into the hands of the Nightbrothers. Merrin, one of the few survivors of the Sisters, ruled the Brothers and the planet through the reign of the Galactic Empire.


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