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Star Wars Writer Wants ‘The Last of Us’ Actor Nick Offerman after Explosive Episode 3 Performance


Nick Offerman is an American actor best known for his role as Ron Swanson in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation,  for which he received applause from both critics and fans. Offerman has now blown the audience’s mind after starring in HBOs buzzing TV live game adaption, The Last of Us. Offerman can be seen playing the role of Bill, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic time, and his appearance in the recently released episode 3 of the series has marked his individuality in the hit series.

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Nick Offerman's excellent performance in episode 3 of the last of Us
Nick Offerman’s excellent performance in The last of Us

Nick Offerman’s Fabulous Performance in The Last of Us Episode 3

The Making It star who has constantly impressed fans with his constant efforts through his acting has made a critical blow to both audiences and critics. Episode 3 of the HBO series The Last of Us titled Long, Long Time aired on January 29, 2023. The episode was claimed as one of the best TV series episodes ever released.

With its 80 minutes of runtime, episode 3 has gotten fans’ even more hooked on the series. Acclaimed as one of the best game live adaptations, the series, The Last of Us, is based on the 2013 video game of the same name and has not disappointed yet. Episode 3 of the series came out as justification for the series’ high ratings on all channels.

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Bill and Frank in The Last of Us
Bill and Frank in The Last of Us

Nick Offerman’s Possible Star Wars Debut

The Infinity Baby star’s performance has not solely impressed critics and fans but has also caught the attention of Star Wars writer Charles Soule, who responded to a fan cast on Twitter. After his marvelous performance on the HBO series, Offerman has been trending on the internet for a while enjoying fans’ applause, but in a particular post, a fan shared his wish to see Offerman enter the Star Wars Universe with the character named Porter Engle.

Porter Engle has not yet appeared in Star Wars Live action. Engle may be a side character who appears as a mere chef at the beginning of the comic line but the character enjoys a rich character history and background. Engle is surely one of the characters who possess a huge possibility to be exploited in the upcoming Star Wars movies, as the writer looks forward to continuing the decades-old storyline that fans hope to see once again on screen. Soule’s unexpected response on a fan casting has excited fans, who have raised their hopes high to see Nick Offerman making his debut in Star Wars’ upcoming projects.

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Bill and Frank in The Last of Us
Porter Engle in Star Wars

Nick Offerman’s performance in the recent episode of The Last of Us has proved that he carries the might to get cast in the world-famous franchise, Star Wars. Ignoring the evident physical similarities between Offerman and Engle, there is something that both of them share in common. Both the actor and the character are undermined with a lot of potential to leave a strong impression on fans. 

The Last of Us continues to release episodes on a weekly timeline, every Sunday. The first season of the series will comprise 9 episodes in total out of which 3 have been released so far. The fourth episode titled Please Hold My Hand will be released on February 5, 2023, on HBO Max.

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