Potatoes Galore! Starfield Gamer Stuffs 20,000 Spuds Into the Cockpit of His Spacecraft


The time has come for Starfield fans all around the world to traverse the galaxy and explore the unknown reaches of the universe. The highly anticipated Bethesda Game Studios RPG is finally here for liftoff, and is quickly becoming a success among critics and audiences. As we continue to receive news about Starfield and hear responses from gamers, there have have been quite a few hilarious revelations to come along.

When it comes to video games it’s hard to admit doing everything seriously. Most of us occasionally like to have a little random fun between main missions or expansive side quests. It is rare to find a gamer who will sit at all the red lights in Grand Theft Auto or refuse to play with the “undies” suit when swinging around in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Starfield is no different when it comes to random fun, and users are proving that fact.

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Take for example a Reddit user by the username, Moozipan, who exhibited Starfield’s potato physics. That’s right, the potatoes in the game have a surprisingly accurate interaction with the environment. We know this because the aforementioned Reddit user posted a video where they stuffed the cockpit of their spacecraft with 20,000 potatoes. 

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When the user opens the hatch, viewers are amazed as dozens of potatoes spill out. While some might expect the potatoes to simply sit still like objects in other games, it appears Bethesda took things a step further. Although there is no rhyme or reason to filling the cockpit of your spaceship with 20,000 potatoes in Starfield, the outcome is, nevertheless, quite funny.

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Why Starfield Potato Physics Are Actually An Important Discovery  

A Starfield gamers has released a video showing 20,000 potatoes spilling out of the cockpit of their ship.
A Starfield gamer has released a video showing 20,000 potatoes spilling out of the cockpit of their ship.

It would be pretty easy to question why anyone cares about the potato physics in Starfield. Although it is a hilarious clip, you might wonder why the video would have any major significance. The reason why this Starfield Spud Spillage is so important is because it shows the true depth of development. 

It is not difficult to find a variety of videos criticizing the design of Bethesda‘s new RPG. In fact, some users are going out of their way to say anything bad about the explorative title in an effort to be heard by the masses. Along with the several outspoken voices against Starfield, there have also been several videos comparing it to other titles. One such comparison has been to Cyberpunk 2077, which users claim has better water physics. 

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However, this video shows that Bethesda did not skimp on realistic world building, the company just focused priorities in other ways. It is also worth noting that Cyberpunk 2077 is a title two years in the making, and at launch, had many more problems than what gamers are seeing with the Bethesda RPG. So, while you might think potatoes in Starfield are meaningless, they show some relevance to the game’s overall development. 

What do you think of the video showing off the potato physics in Starfield? Will you be loading up your ship with thousands of spuds in an effort to re-create the hilarious clip? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think of the potato potential.

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