“Some serious meltdowns incoming”: Starfield and Indiana Jones Reportedly to be Announced for PS5 Imminently, and It’s Already Causing Grief

Potential Starfield and Indiana Jones PS5 releases stir strong reactions among Xbox fans.

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  • Starfield and Indiana Jones might be announced for the PS5, causing a debate among fans.
  • Xbox fans feel disappointed and betrayed by the potential shift to multi-platform.
  • The news has sparked debates on the impact of console exclusivity, and accessbility.
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There’s a new hot rumor going around that has gotten fans talking, and it’s about Starfield and Indiana Jones potentially getting announced for the PS5. Nothing is set in stone, but it’s causing quite a stir amongst console fanboys. For a while, it seemed like Xbox players would be the only ones getting their hands on these titles, so this news might be disappointing to their fans. 


The Starfield Rumor Mill is Spinning

Starfield was hailed as the big Xbox exclusive for 2023.
Starfield will be getting yearly expansions, starting with Shattered Space.

The game was a big deal when it was announced as an Xbox exclusive, skipping Playstation consoles altogether. Microsoft, which owns Bethesda, made it clear that it was banking on this game to draw players to their console, and Game Pass as well.


Indiana Jones, being developed by MachineGames who is also under Bethesda’s umbrella, was also assumed to be an exclusive. The idea that these games might jump to the Playstation makes some sense, given the publisher’s flexible exclusive strategy

Fans have been pretty vocal about their feelings. Over on X, you’ll find a bunch of fans expressing their frustration. Xbox fans, in particular, are feeling a bit betrayed. They bought into the idea that these games were exclusives, and now the possibility of them going multi-platform is not sitting well. Some are even saying they’d feel cheated if these games ended up on Playstation,


The possible shift to Playstation isn’t just about hurt feelings, though. Some fans are worried about what this might mean for the quality of the games. This has sparked a lot of debates. On one side, people are saying that the games could lose their edge. On the other, some are suggesting that more players being able to access the games can only be a good thing.

A lot of the complaints boil down to the idea of console wars. Xbox and PlayStation have a long history of competing for the best exclusives. Players often see these games as a reason to choose one console over the other.


Xbox Fans Aren’t Holding Back Regarding the Rumors

The new Indy game will not be multi-platform at launch. Image via Bethesda.
The new Indy game will not be multi-platform at launch. Image via Bethesda.

If Starfield and Indiana Jones go to Playstation, it could change all of the fanboy debates. Some players are worried that the publisher might lose its competitive edge. They’re afraid that without these big exclusives, there won’t be as much of a reason to stick with that platform holder.

Meanwhile, Playstation fans are pretty excited about the possibility. They’ve been eager to get their hands on these games since they were announced. Still, there’s a sense of cautious optimism. Since it’s all just rumors at this point, nobody wants to get their hopes up too high.


Companies are constantly making moves to stay competitive, and exclusives are a big part of that strategy. If these games do come to Playstation, it might signal a change in how console exclusives are handled going forward.

There is also the question of what this means for Bethesda and Microsoft. Bethesda has a long history of making games for multiple platforms. If the studio continues that trend, it could benefit the team in the long run by reaching a larger audience.

For Microsoft, though, it raises questions about strategy. The Xbox team has been pushing Game Pass and exclusive titles as reasons to choose a Microsoft console. If those exclusives start showing up elsewhere, it would undercut that message.


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