Expectations Reach a High as Starfield Fans Complain About “Boundary Reached” Restriction

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Starfield may be one of the most anticipated games of the year, but with great anticipation comes great drama because the title just can’t catch a break from controversy. Recently, it revolved around the inclusion of the infamous Creation Club, in the upcoming RPG. However, with the game just a couple of days from finally being released, the latest drama it has become a victim to revolves around something called “Boundary Reached.”


Here’s everything you need to know about the StarfieldBoundary Reached” drama.

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Your Guide to the Starfield “Boundary Reached” Drama

Starfield Finds Itself in the Middle of Yet Another Controversy
Starfield Finds Itself in the Middle of Yet Another Controversy

Leading up to its overdue release, Starfield has gone through a lot, including various leaks that completely took the internet by storm. The latest leaked update about the game has done the same, but in a negative way because the dreaded “Boundary Reached” notification is making many fans worry. Although early access isn’t out just yet, the game is available to reviewers, internet personalities, and, of course, pirates who literally stole it.

Bethesda has a very strict non-disclosure agreement regarding Starfield, but even that has failed to stop information from leaking online. One of the recently leaked videos featured a player constantly running in a single direction for a good ten minutes, until they were halted by a notification that said “Boundary Reached.” The game then instructed the player to either “open the map to explore another region” or go back to their ship, which then led to some options, like opening the planet map or fast travel back to the ship.

There was also a third option that prompted the player to close the message, and upon doing so, Starfield would let them go on for a couple of steps further, until the character finally runs into an invisible wall to stop them once and for all. For some gamers, the message felt like a betrayal from developer, Bethesda, because around a week ago, one of the studio executives, Pete Hines, in reply to a fan’s question, claimed that players will be able to explore entire planets in the game if they “want.” Check out Hines’ reply on Twitter/X, which definitely didn’t age well, below:


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Fans Now Think Bethesda Has Lied About Starfield

Fans Have Started Distrusting Bethesda After the Latest Starfield Leak
Fans Have Started Distrusting Bethesda After the Latest Starfield Leak

Since the leaked gameplay footage goes against everything Bethesda has claimed about Starfield, it was natural for fans to panic. The aforementioned executive, Hines, has also stated that he has put a whopping 130 hours into the game, but gamers have started to question the validity of his claims. Fans began wondering if Bethesda had made false statements about its upcoming title to build up fake hype, thinking that maybe the game wasn’t as huge as its ambitions wanted it to be.

Fortunately, people who were lucky enough to play Starfield ahead of its official launch have completely rebuked these negative rumors and drastic reactions. Kotaku recently reported that, according to a post on Twitter/X by streamer Darrius Fears, the “Boundary Reached” message isn’t something that appears too often to ruin anyone’s experience. He continued that there is absolutely “nothing stopping” players “from exploring the planet” and that the leaked controversial footage may have just featured “a loading screen.” Others joined in agreement, such as Jez Corden from Windows Central, who said that the leak isn’t “accurate info nor the full story.”


Do you also have doubts about Bethesda’s claims about Starfield? Will you be checking out the title when it releases to Xbox in September? Let us know in the comments!

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