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Starfield Hasn’t Even Fully Released Yet and It’s Breaking Records and Putting Other Games to Shame


The moment has finally arrived and Starfield, the epic space odyssey from Bethesda Game Studios, is here for gamers across the world. Although the official release of the title is not until September 6th, those who pre-ordered the Premium Edition have early access to traverse the universe and customize their characters as they see fit. It is unsurprising that the space RPG has become so popular, however, recent numbers show just how much attention the game has received.

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Starfield was always destined to become a huge title among gamers. The level of hype surrounding it certainly suggested it would be a massive commercial success. And even though there are plenty of users still waiting to play the standard version, hundreds of thousands of players are already breaking records and flying through the stars.

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Todd Howard, and the rest of the developers behind Starfield, are determined to see the game become a win for critics and audiences alike. It appears one of the goals for the RPG is not just to be an incredible experience, but also to dominate other titles in the market. The release date was likely strategically determined to avoid the many other games coming out in October, and with this slot, players can deem the month Starfield September. 

The Numbers Are In And They Show Just How Good Starfield is Doing 

The Starfield numbers are coming in and early access seem to hint towards a massive commercial success.
The Starfield numbers are coming in and early access hints towards a massive commercial success.

If you’re unconvinced as to the success of Starfield, take a look at the stats. A recent post from Twitter/X user, @Okami13_, includes the following information about its performance:

“#Starfield is having one hell of a launch on Steam.

• 230K peak CCU

• 4th biggest launch of the year, passing Armored Core 6 and RE4

• 500K+ peak Twitch viewers

• Top seller on Steam worldwide

Remember that only people who paid up to $100 for early access can play atm. 🤯”

This shows just how well Starfield is doing and it hasn’t even released in its standard version. As the Twitter/X post indicates, those playing the game are the ones who paid $100 for the Premium edition. Bethesda is certainly bringing in a solid revenue stream, and this is only going to increase when Starfield exits early access and comes to standard editions. We can also expect to see an increase in players in a few days since the title will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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Another aspect of the Starfield states which is worth noting is that it is surpassing major releases like Armored Core 6 and Resident Evil 4. Armored Core 6 just recently overtook Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam, however it looks like this victory was short lived. 

In fact, the current state of the Steam store has Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in second place with Baldur’s Gate 3 holding strong to the third place position. While it is very possible Baldur’s gate 3 and Armored Core 6 will fight for position in the ranks, Starfield probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Everything that happens with the Bethesda title will be under a microscope with the gaming community. Anyone who cares about RPG’s or video games will want to see what happens with Starfield and if it is the game so many expected it to be. Microsoft has put a lot of time and money into this product and as the tech company continues to acquire developers it will want a return on its investment.

What do you think of the success that we are seeing from Starfield even while it is still in early access? Are you surprised that the game is doing so well despite some of the mixed feedback it has been receiving? Leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are on the recent release.

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