Starfield Hasn’t Even Released And Xbox CEO Phil Spencer Has Experienced FIFTEEN Playthroughs and over 200 Hours of Gameplay

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Gamescom 2023 is still underway, and Microsoft recently took the stage to hype up Starfield, hosting Xbox @ gamescom 2023: Live From the Showfloor. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, was present at the event and talked to several outlets about the industry and the upcoming game. One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, Starfield, is Bethesda’s newest open-world action-RPG. Xbox is hoping for Starfield‘s success, as they haven’t had a big breakout hitter in quite some time. Spencer was more than willing to gush about Starfield across his 15 playthroughs, consisting of 200 hours of gameplay. 

Phil Spencer appeared at Live from the Showfloor to talk about Starfield and his excitement for the game.
Phil Spencer appeared at Live from the Showfloor to talk about Starfield and his excitement for the game.

How Did Phil Spencer Play So Many Hours of Starfield?

When talking with IGN, in a quick TikTok style video, Spencer revealed he’s on his 15th Starfield playthrough. The reason for the amount of playthroughs is because of changing between save game formats, requiring Spencer to restart from the beginning of Starfield. He’s not 200 hours in on a single playthrough, but across all of his Starfield playthroughs. Spencer has also been playing Starfield since November 2022, giving the busy bossman of Xbox plenty of time to try out Starfield from time to time.

Although it is unsurprising the CEO of Microsoft Gaming would have early access to the title, over 200 hours is an incredible amount of time spent with Starfield. It shows how dedicated Microsoft is to making this game a win, and to bring fans the highest quality RPG possible at launch. 


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Spencer continued to gush about his time with Starfield, comparing it to previous Bethesda games, Oblivion and Skyrim. Spencer believes Starfield is more Oblivion than Skyrim, hoping Bethesda fans will understand his comparison. The video closes with Spencer calling Starfieldan epic, epic game.” If the Todd Howard helmed title is as good as many insiders seem to be hinting, then it might live up to the hype that has been set. 

Phil Spencer has played 200 hours of Starfield, but this has not been in a single playthrough.
Phil Spencer has played 200 hours of Starfield, but this has not been in a single playthrough.

The hype for Starfield is at an all time high. Press already have early access to Starfield, and it won’t be long until the embargo lifts. In addition, Starfield officially releases in less than two weeks, on September 6. This game is one of the biggest exclusives to hit Xbox in a long time. and many fans are anxiously awaiting to see how the title will perform when it hits the market. 


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If you’re a massive fan anticipating Starfield’s release, you can start playing the game five days early on September 1, by purchasing the Premium Edition of Starfield. Not only will you have early access to the game, but the Premium Edition comes with a plethora of other benefits. When the planned story expansion for Starfield releases, which is title Shattered Space, those who purchased this version will received the DLC. Whether you’ve just bought the base game, or you’ve gone for the best upgrade, Starfield is almost upon us and should hopefully deliver on fan’s expectations.

What do you think of Phil Spencer’s comments on Starfield? Are you looking forward to the release? Will the space epic be able to compete with the high standards gamers have set? Let us know in the comments!

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