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Starfield Comes Under Fire for the Most Ridiculous of Reasons – Some Streamers are Losing their Minds


In case you weren’t aware, the release of Starfield has been quite big news. Early access started on the 1st of this month, with players around the globe taking the opportunity to get involved in one of the most anticipated games of the year a little earlier than the rest.

From an extensive character creator, to exploring over a thousand planets, side missions bigger than some games and a living, breathing universe in which to spend their time, for the most part Starfield has been met with unanimous acclaim, with the reviews mostly backing that up.

Unfortunately, as some reviewers will attest to, there are some fans that are never happy and will always complain. Whether it’s the ‘boundary issue’, the sort-of-understandable confusion around landing on planets, the ridiculous, poorly designed inventory system or some other inclusions, fans complain.

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Starfield Does Have Issues, but this Isn’t One


As mentioned, Starfield has issues. It’d be impossible not to, with the size of the game and what Bethesda were aiming to do. Has it delivered on all the promises originally made by the developer? No. Does it meet most? Yes.

However, some fans seem to be crying “woke nonsense” since it has been revealed that the game allows players to choose their pronouns, and as well as that, NPCs across the galaxy have a wide variety on offer… just like real life.

In a game where there are clones, space-exploration, relationships of all kinds and mass-murder, the anti-woke, right-wing morons are complaining about a simple option in the game that at worst, will offer a different way of addressing characters and at best makes people in the real world feel more included. Either way, it is not something that’ll affect the masses, and most won’t notice, other than those with sensitive dispositions of course. Never mind that pronouns have been a part of the English language since its inception.

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From threatening to refund their game due to the inclusion of a pronoun option – not sure Bethesda would care -, to certain streamers comparing the option to living in California, it seems that this minor option in a game littered with customisation options has really struck a chord, and it seems that however unintentionally, these few individuals given too much of a platform have been universally derided by the internet.

This isn’t news either, as back in November 2021, during an AMA on Reddit, Todd Howard revealed then that players would be able to pick their pronouns, something that caused controversy at the time, but not so much that these same people didn’t buy the game. Or pay the extra for the early access. Or continue to play it after their startling discovery.

Starfield will continue to dominate the news over the next months, with records being broken during early access, mods already being released on Nexus, content that’ll take gamers years to finish and more, it is a shame such a minor, inclusive option takes centre stage for the wrong reasons.

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Written by Luke Addison

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