Not Starfield or Fallout But Another Huge RPG Tops Phil Spencer’s Most Played Xbox Games

Phil Spencer's gametimes on Diablo 4, Starfield and Fallout 76 might put your stats to shame.

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  • Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has a total playtime of a huge 276 hours on Diablo 4.
  • He has also played Fallout 76 and Starfield for 106 and 100 hours, respectively.
  • Spencer spent 917 hours playing Xbox in 2023, with 148 hours on Starfield.
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Whenever you talk about Microsoft Gaming or Xbox, one name that will always pass by your head is Phil Spencer. Starting his career as an intern at Microsoft, the man might have gotten the tag of one of the most successful CEOs in the history of the company’s gaming brand.


Although this success was never an overnight process, Spencer himself is a huge gamer by heart. That’s why all his decision-making regarding the business aspect of the company has been beneficial. He always perceived things from a gamer’s point of view. And his huge play times in certain AAA titles are proof of that.

Phil Spencer Might Have Played these Games More Than You

Phil Spencer has played Diablo 4 for over 270 hours so far.
Phil Spencer has played this game for over 270 hours so far.

People might think that with these busy schedules, personalities like Phil Spencer might not have enough time to try out the games on his own platform. But Spencer never let his inner gamer die, despite his busy schedule. If you go through his Xbox profile, you can see this man has played Diablo 4 for a staggering 276 hours. Yes, 276 hours.


This stat might shock some professional gamers and streamers as well. Hold on; the story doesn’t end here. He has also put his skill into the popular racing title, Forza Horizon 5, for 140 long hours. His RPG accolades also don’t end here. The CEO has also played 100 hours and 106 hours, respectively, in two of the most successful RPGs on Xbox, Starfield and Fallout 76.

Along with it, Redfall and Halo Infinite got the touch of Spencer for a combined 106 hours as well. He also holds some hours in games like Hellblade 2, Doom Eternal, Deathloop, and Hi-Fi Rush.


Spencer Spent 917 Hours Playing Games in 2023

Spencer really loves gaming.
Spencer really loves gaming.

Every year, Microsoft launches Xbox Year in Review, which gives an insight into how many times the players have spent playing games on this platform, along with other useful statistics like total achievements, favorite genres, total games, highlight of the year, and many more.

On the eve of this year’s review, the CEO himself shared his one on X. This report showed that Spencer’s total playtime in 2023 was 917 hours.


There was no doubt that he spent most of his time on Bethesda’s space RPG in 2023, with a playtime of 148 hours. This accolade puts him in the top 10% of the RPG’s active players. No surprise, his second-most-played title in that year was the current Diablo game with 143 hours.

Spencer’s impressive stats are inspiring many gamers that, no matter how busy their lives are, they should never let their heartbeat for gaming stop.

What’s your take on the CEO’s astonishing playtime? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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