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Starfield Gives Players ‘Emotional Security’ Status Buffs If They Get Laid In Space

Starfield Gives Players 'Emotional Security' Status Buffs If They Get Laid In Space

Starfield is a massive game, with tons of things for players to explore and 1,000 planets to get to, so having a companion isn’t a bad idea. The game features four NPCs that players can choose to have as their partner in the game and having one will also help massively while mining as well. Just as in real life, it takes effort from players to court their chosen NPC to be their companion, but once they do go all the way, they will end up with a valuable partner in the game. One important aspect is that players can trade and share resources with their companions during long mining trips.

Thanks to a Redditor who has gone all the way with their companion, an interesting XP boost is uncovered as a result of having a romantic partner in the game.

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Starfield Has Four NPCs Whom Players Can Choose To Be Their Romantic Companions

The mysterious character Andreja is one of the four NPCs that players can choose as their companion in Starfield
The mysterious character Andreja is one of the four NPCs that players can choose as their companion in Starfield

Starfield players have four NPCs whom they can choose as a companion in the game, two ladies and two men. Sarah Morgan, Chair of the Constellation, is one of the first characters players will encounter in the game and can choose to be their partner. Morgan is an ex-soldier and a stickler for rules, and as requires players to be quite careful with their words and factions if they choose to partner her.

Andreja, a mysterious character about whom players don’t get to know much in the game, is the other lady whom players can choose. Andreja is known to have survived by herself most of her life and wouldn’t mind if players broke rules or killed someone if it meant well for their survival. The space cowboy Sam Coe is one of the two men players can choose as their partner in the game. Coe is not a fan of letting the bad guys get away and also despises United Colonies, one of the government factions in the game. This leaves players with the final option, Barrett.

Barrett is a scientist and an explorer by heart and relies on the player to get away and explore the galaxies together. Barrett will meet players during the introduction sequence and will be impressed almost instantly. All four NPCs can easily be turned off if players are not careful about their dialogs with them or others when they’re around. Luckily, players will have enough chances to make up if they flub.

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Interesting XP Boost Uncovered, Players Need To Do This To Get It

Sarah Morgan, Chair of Constellation in Starfield
Sarah Morgan, Chair of Constellation in Starfield

A Redditor has come forward with an interesting discovery in Starfield, where a +15 XP Boost is awarded to the players if they manage to get laid with their chosen companion. As amusing as it may sound, it’s no easy feat for players to achieve the XP Boost that’s titled “Emotional Security”, as courting any of the four available NPCs will take substantial interactions and careful choices.

As seen in the post shared above by the Redditor, r/VAASisJASON, the achievement if completed, grants players a +15 XP Boost. To complete the achievement, another Redditor posted a comment on how to get it done easily, provided they first get into a romantic relationship first.

As stated above, players just need to hit the bed when they’re traveling with their companion, and the achievement should unlock once they wake up and find their companion next to them. Bethesda did introduce something similar in their past games as well, as Fallout 4 had a similar achievement as well, with the Lover’s Embrace perk. Players can also get married at the end of their courtship in Starfield, so there’s something to look forward to as well.

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Starfield Helps Xbox Series Consoles Sales, Microsoft Sees High Numbers of Xbox GamePass Subscribers Too

The GamePass subscription will cost players far less to play Starfield, which will retail starting at $69.99.
The GamePass subscription will cost players far less to play Starfield, which will retail starting at $69.99.

Microsoft’s insane acquisition of Bethesda is slowly but surely proving to be a brilliant move, as Starfield has already helped soar Xbox Series consoles as well as Xbox GamePass subscriptions. Since the base edition of the game costs $69.99, players are also taking advantage of an Xbox GamePass subscription that costs far less. Console-only plan for the subscription costs $10.99 per month, while the PC-only plan will cost gamers the cheapest at $9.99 per month.

The third plan is the most expensive at $16.99 which can be chosen to experience both desktop and console games simultaneously, while still being far less than Starfield‘s Standard Edition cost. Starfield goes Live for Standard Edition gamers starting tomorrow, the 6th of September.

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