Starfield Guide: How to Reach Mars and Explore the Next Human Frontier of Space Exploration

How to Reach Mars and Explore the Next Human Frontier of Space Exploration

Starfield is the upcoming space RPG from Bethesda, releasing on 6th September 2023. This triple-A title was developed after ten years of contemplation as Bethesda decided not to ride the back of their other big titles, such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls. However, despite all the difficulties that Starfield director Todd Howard explained, the game excelled at presenting the entire space travel ordeal. 

Starfield from Bethesda
Starfield from Bethesda

Starfield has over 1000 planets, and the developers proudly said that the wonder is not that the field of stars is so vast, but that we have measured it. One of the first things players would try in the game is to explore their own Solar System. Some might begin this with the Earth. Some might go to the Red Planet with two moons, Mars. Since it has been quite a hot topic under the grounds of terraforming, this might be an interesting planet to explore.

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How to reach Mars in Starfield?

Starfield Early Access
Starfield Early Access

Players can check out Mars early in the game, Starfield. It is a fun planet to explore, and considering the real-life space mission to Mars, the red planet is surely worth a visit. Out of every planet in the Solar system, only the distance from entering orbit to reach the city of Cydonia on Mars is doable. It would take 3 hours to reach the planet with maximum power to the Frontier’s engines. Players just need to locate Mars in the Solar System and traverse towards it. Bethesda has outdone itself with the beauty of the space scenarios and the planet landscape. Players are in awe from the sheer disbelief, thanks to Bethesda putting their NASA-gifted cartography to stellar use. 

However, players have a question regarding whether they can land their spaceship anywhere on the surface of Mars or not. Unfortunately, players can approach the surface of Mars. They cannot come closer than 9,980 meters to the surface of any planet, for that instance. The spaceship’s engines will show you moving forward, but you can’t traverse past 9,995 meters even if your engines are boosting.

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Is Mars worth visiting in Starfield?

Starfield Space Ring
Starfield Space Ring

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Mars is a mineral-rich planet in Starfield. However, Mars can be considered worth visiting because there lies a unique resource deep within the surface of the planet. Players can acquire the location of the mineral through a character named Laylah, a miner in Cydonia. claims. This character can be found within the pits of Cydonia, where the tanks, robots, and miners are. This unique resource is called the “The Heart of Mars”, which is an average-sized mineral. Players can acquire it using their Cutter tool and remove it. It weighs 10.0 and is also worth 20,000 credits.

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