“I’m so glad it’s out of early access…”: Starfield’s Map Update Isn’t the Gamechanger Many Wanted, and It’s Another Loss for Bethesda

A new update that didn't change anything.

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  • Bethesda has released a new update for Starfield that will make a ton of changes to the map inside a planet.
  • The space RPG has launched an update where the maps and navigation system are more comfortable to use and understand.
  • Not all the community members of the game are satisfied with this new update; they were expecting a lot more from the studio.
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Bethesda has just launched a new update for Starfield that brings many changes to the game, especially regarding the map. When the players enter a new planet, it will have more icons and layouts that make the navigation more comfortable for the player.


Unfortunately, not all the community is satisfied with the current update, which did not add many other changes. The reception on X was average; other users were happy to know that you can now fast-travel to shops and other parts of the map more easily.

Starfield’s New Map Update Was Not What Some Fans Were Expecting

Starfield recent updates were not what fans were waiting for.
Starfield‘s recent updates were not what fans were waiting for.

Fans of one of the last big exclusive games on Xbox are eagerly anticipating a lot of new content in the coming months. Bethesda is currently preparing all kinds of new features for Starfield, like vehicles, more planets, and the already confirmed DLC for the popular title. The most recent update for the game disappointed fans with the few additions that were added; players were expecting more.


The reaction on X was not the best; fans really embraced these changes but were expecting more from Bethesda, especially with the DLC so close to its release.

Not all fans are happy with this update.



A particular user even joked about the new map update, saying that he was glad to see the game being out of its early access stage.


Other users report that the map still faces integration issues and requires better implementation.

Bethesda Has to Answer the Fan Requests

Bethesda added new features for surface map.
Bethesda added new features for surface map.

The game’s recent improvements to the map and navigation on planets resulted in some new ways to move across the surface, such as the possibility of fast traveling to the shops on each planet. These shops also appear better marked on the map to facilitate navigation. The game’s official site, along with the patch notes, states that these map improvements aim to make it easier for players to navigate around the surface.

Bethesda is preparing to release Shattering Space, the upcoming DLC for Starfield, at some point this year. This expansion, according to the studio, will bring new story content, new gear, and, according to rumors, the highly anticipated vehicles that fans were asking for. The content will also introduce previously unexplored locations. The release window will occur sometime during the last few months of the year.


Starfield was released on September 6, 2023, for the Xbox Series S/X and PC. The game received an above-average reception, but even with the good reviews, the title did not receive the attention that Xbox was expecting. This new IP from the creators of Fallout has not even achieved a GoTY nomination. Fans have hope that the game will add more content in the future to provide new features and gameplay experiences.

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