Starfield Not Considered a Big Game by Microsoft as ‘High Profile’ Xbox Games Won’t Be Going Multiplatform, Supposedly

Starfield could be one of the "select" Xbox games going multi-platform.

Starfield Not Considered a Big Game by Microsoft as 'High Profile' Xbox Games Won't Be Going Multiplatform, Supposedly


  • Leaker claims Microsoft is only taking selected Xbox titles to competitor platforms, and Starfield is also one being discussed.
  • Some "high-profile" games like Avowed and Hellblade 2 may not be going to other platforms.
  • A business update event is coming soon, and it could address these rumors and claims.
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Xbox has been in the news this week, with reports claiming that it’s considering a change in its business strategy that might see exclusive titles heading to competitor platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The rumors stated that titles like Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, and Pentiment were going to be multiplatform.


There were reports that titles like Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones game could also end up on multiple platforms, but a leaker has alleged that “high profile” Xbox games wouldn’t be going multi-platform. But Starfield might, as it’s a big game, as per Microsoft.

Insider Claims Only Select Xbox Games Will Go Multi-Platform

Starfield might be going multi-platform afterall.
Starfield might be going multi-platform.

When rumors about Bethesda’s Starfield going to PlayStation started, Xbox fans were shocked. Leaker Nate the Hate was also one of the people who reported on the game releasing on PlayStation and said that Microsoft is planning on a release around the launch of the Shattered Space expansion this year.


Nate the Hate has clarified some things in a series of posts on X/Twitter, saying that even though he heard similar things, people shouldn’t believe them straightaway and treat them as rumors until there’s an announcement from Microsoft.

He mentioned that he didn’t want to report on this anymore until there was a release window planned, saying that “plans remain open to change.” The leaker added that Microsoft will only bring “select games” on multiple platforms and that he had “confidence” in it.

Nate the Hate said that people are making “wild assumptions” that every game will go on multiple platforms, “which is not the case.” There have also been rumors that Microsoft will only be focusing on software, but the leaker said that the company is not going to exit the hardware market.


He also added that this multi-platform strategy is a “slight shift” in Microsoft’s business strategy, and only “some” titles will be going to competitor platforms, and Starfield might be one of them, but the company will keep “high-profile” Xbox games exclusive to its platforms.

What Could Be the ‘High-Profile’ Games Not Going Multi-Platform?

High-profile games like Avowed and Hellblade will not be released on competitor platforms.
High-profile games like Avowed and Hellblade may not be released on competing platforms.

Nate the Hate further replied to a player, saying that Starfield might be going multi-platform as there are discussions around it, meaning that it is not considered a “big game” by Microsoft and several Bethesda games are open to going multi-platform. However, Game Pass titles like Forza Motorsport, Hellblade 2, or Avowed will not be going multiplatform due to “single-player focus.”

There have also been reports that Halo and Gears of War, the exclusive franchises, might also be released for competitor platforms, but now it seems like it was just speculation, as these franchises are not just high-profile but are also icons for Xbox, and Microsoft taking them to other platforms would be a huge mistake.


However, nothing can be said for sure as of now about anything until there is a comment from Microsoft, and it might come soon, as Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer has already said that a business update event is coming in the next week and will provide updates on what Microsoft has planned for Xbox and its future.

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