Starfield Player Creates the Legendary Pelican Ship from Halo

Starfield Player Creates the Legendary Pelican Ship from Halo

Starfield launched a week ago after presenting some players with almost a week of early access. A lot of players were checking about what this space RPG from Bethesda has to offer. The developers promised some massive statements, like giving players immense freedom to explore the entire space. Players can also customize their spaceship according to their needs, which resulted in a plethora of gamers designing their own seafaring vessels.

Starfield Gets Very Positive Reviews from Critics
Starfield Gets Very Positive Reviews from Critics

Some players have been taking inspiration from other successful franchises like Halo. One such player posted their design of the UNSC Pelican Ship from the Halo series. Although Halo is completely different from Starfield in a lot of aspects, they share a common ground in the sci-fi theme of the series.

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Who made the Pelican Ship from Halo in Starfield?

D77-TC, Pelican Ship from Halo
D77-TC, Pelican Ship from Halo

A Starfield who goes by the username SteamingHotDataDump posted his version of the Pelican Ship in the official subreddit of Starfield. (r/Starfield) They posted a bunch of images, presenting their design of the legendary UNSC Pelican. From the pictures, it could be observed that the ship built by the player had a similar green color and bulky shape to that of Halo’s Pelican. The players even included a guide for others so that they could follow it and make their own version of the versatile aircraft.

UNSC Pelican (Picture Guide)
byu/SteamingHotDataDump inStarfield

Other users in the community specifically liked how detailed the post was resulting in the post gaining numerous upvotes. SteamingHotDataDump included a step-by-step guide having 16 steps that will walk players through the necessary ideas and requirements for building their own UNSC Pelican Ship in Starfield. Every step consisted of a list mentioning the necessary parts along with a corresponding image instructing what to do.

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The Subreddit of Starfield loved the player’s Pelican Ship design

Image via Bethesda Game Studios
Image via Bethesda Game Studios

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It is relatively clear why SteamingHotDataDump took inspiration from Halo for building their own spaceship in Starfield. Halo has been quite a successful franchise on its own, and veteran players have witnessed the Master Chief pilot a number of fantastic aircraft over the years. The D77-TC, also known as the UNSC Pelican, was a tactical aerospace lifter. It was a good choice for designing in Starfield because of the chunky structure.

The Redditor’s creativity surely didn’t go unnoticed in the community as several players hyped up his post and commented their thoughts under it. One user said, “Best one I’ve seen yet. Props to the instructions!” Another commented, “Awesome job!” 

The post was well received by the subreddit and gathered tons of upvotes effortlessly. The user also posted a step-by-step guide for players who wanted to build the Pelican Ship for themselves.

Source: Reddit

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