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Starfield Player Discovers Literal Air-Sucking Cockroaches

Apparently, cockroaches in Starfield don't fool around.

starfield player discovers literal air-sucking cockroaches


  • Starfield released in September to mixed reviews from critics and players alike.
  • The game was developed and published by Bethesda, with Starfield's playable world being a literal galaxy of playable worlds with numerous living species.
  • A player found cockroaches which can terrifyingly suffocate their prey.

Starfield released and received mixed or average user reviews while game reviewers found it generally favorable. It received praise for its open-world, setting and soundtrack. The story of the title seemed to be something that reviewers couldn’t unanimously agree upon. The game was released in September 2023 and was both developed and Published by Bethesda.

Following the studio’s acquisition by Microsoft, Bethesda released it for the Xbox Series X|S and PC only. Starfield was also a day-one release on the Xbox Game Pass. The game was Bethesda’s first new Intellectual Property (IP) in the last 25 years. Starfield saw nominations for the most wanted/ most anticipated game at both, the Game Awards 2022 and Golden Joystick Awards 2022.

This year, the game was nominated for Ultimate Game of The Year, Best Visual Design, Best Supporting Performer in a Game, Best Audio, and Xbox Game of the Year. This was at the Golden Joystick Awards 2023. However, it could only secure the last title. In the Game Awards 2023, the game is nominated only for the best RPG and is nowhere to be found in the Game of the Year nominations. Thus, unfortunately, it couldn’t break Xbox’s horrendous streak with The Game Award for GotY in 2023.

Recently an interstellar explorer in Starfield discovered a unique mutation of cockroaches in Space. These cockroaches which turned into predators in space suffocate their prey by indirect asphyxiation. They accomplish the task by making the environment devoid of Oxygen.

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Starfield Explorer Discovers Killer Cockroaches in Space

Starfield offers some beautiful vistas.
Starfield offers some beautiful vistas.

Starfield‘s world is gigantic. The number of planets crosses one thousand, along with these there are also an unspecified number of moons and space stations ready to be explored.

The entire game world is an area within the Milky Way galaxy. The majority of the game’s landscapes are procedurally generated. This means that the level design strategy opted for by Bethesda almost guarantees a unique experience with each playthrough. The game also has strange life species present on the planet. Starfield is also rife with easter eggs which form a part of a majority of games by Bethesda.

Recently, an explorer reported that they discovered a seemingly new species of space cockroaches. While cockroaches on planet Earth as we know them are almost harmless. The ones found in Starfield by the explorer are much more deadly.


A Reddit user going by the handle u/DiamondZoyd shared a video on r/Starfield, the game’s subreddit. The video shows Hadrian telling the player about an “insect-like predator she encountered”. This is after she is asked about the most insane creature witnessed by her. The creature is then revealed to be present in a remote planet in the Moloch system.

NPCs in Starfield are plenty. Some can even be your romantic partners.
NPCs in Starfield are plenty. Some can even be your romantic partners.

Furthermore, the most interesting revelation was the insect’s strategy to immobilize its prey. As Hadrian is heard telling the player:

It hunted by sucking the Oxygen from the atmosphere around it to suffocate its prey.

While the description doesn’t make the insects seem like they are to be trifled with. The Reddit user in the video also finds the insects. When they travel to Moloch II, they are attacked by a horde of predator cockroaches. Their attacks also deplete the player’s Oxygen gauge. While one single-pack cockroach isn’t that deadly. When attacked by a group, they can very quickly deplete the player’s usable oxygen as seen in the Oxygen gauge in the bottom right.

The creatures labeled Pack Cockroach are green in color and look nothing like the cockroaches we see in our households.

Check out the video for yourself:

Hadrian refers to an like creature on a distant world that “sucks the oxygen from around its prey to suffocate it” (idfk), it’s real and I found it.
byu/DiamondZoyd inStarfield

The explorer in the video also confirmed that the oxygen loss was coming from the attacks inflicted upon the cockroach. As opposed to a status effect. This is a notable addition to the world of Starfield which is already established as one of the most dense ones in gaming.

That being said, Starfield has plenty of things going wrong for the game. There are some things which the game does right but all of them are not able to make it a force to be reckoned with. It is hardly a surprise that the game wasn’t included in the GotY nominees. One can check out our review of the game here to understand what the game does right. And also note down the things it gets wrong by a mile.

Starfield is out now for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game is available to buy separately and is also included in Xbox Game Pass.


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