“Starfield Super Special 76 edition includes the expected disappointment.” Starfield Receives First Review Over 80 Days Prior to Release… and It’s Not Good

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No matter the media, fans tend to place a certain amount of belief and trust in reviews, be it the latest Marvel blockbuster or the biggest gaming releases of the year, reviews tend to be big news and draw comments to varying levels of support or ire. Just ask some of our movie and video game critics. However, one thing that is uniform is that to review a product or piece of media, you absolutely have to have experienced it to have an opinion on it. That’s where this particular news-worthy review falls at the first hurdle.


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Starfield – The Biggest Ever Game… according to Todd Howard



Starfield is everywhere right now and for good reason. The deep dive at the Xbox Games Showcase gave gamers a small slice of what they can expect in a few short months come its release in September, and with over 1000 planets to explore, the biggest city that Bethesda has ever designed and built, and much, much more besides, players are going to have their work cut out for them to take in all of the promised content.

Of course Bethesda fans are no strangers to massive promises falling short, with the most Fallout 76 being conceived as a multiplayer Fallout, which sounds fine in theory, but in practice the execution fell way short of what was expected and the studio promised. Although that title was lead and designed with a different creative director and Todd Howard wasn’t involved beyond the initial idea, this previous ‘failure’ has left some fans a little apprehensive of the upcoming Starfield release and the huge game-changing mechanics Todd and Bethesda are promising, including one such reviewer on Metacritic, ‘Joppsta360’.

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Featuring an unlikely final score of zero, the ‘review’ is hopefully is meant as a joke, rather than a troll with too much time on his/her/their hands.

“Bethesda – because making games that work out of the box is less important than figuring out all the ways to extract as much money from your bank account as possible. Starfield Super Special 76 edition includes the expected disappointment. Comes with a shot glass so you can participate in the recurring Internet Historian drinking game. Take a shot every time Todd Howard lies. Or don’t, you will be dead from alcohol poisoning 5 minutes into the 20 minute masterpiece highlighting yet another Bethesda disasterpiece.”

I’m sure you’ll agree, this doesn’t exactly sound like someone that believes a single claim that comes from Todd Howard, and they certainly don’t seem particularly hyped for the game. With how difficult it can be to get accepted by Metacritic, with their yearly admission process, this may just be a costly joke/protest for the individual, if Metacritic decide to remove their profile from the site as they seemingly have the review, anyway.



Thanks to @ElrondGaming this particular review will stand the test of time and be forever present on the internet. If Starfield is as good as it is being promised to be, then unfortunately poor Joppsta360 will go down as being the biggest Bethesda hater of modern times. If it ends up being over-promised trash, similar to Fallout 76, then he may just be the gaming soothsayer we’ve all needed, yet never deserved.

Are you excited for Starfield? Will you be purchasing it day one or waiting for the inevitable bugs to be patched?


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