Starfield Players Have Begun a Huge List of Requested Features and Fixes


So Starfield is finally here and after being one of the most highly anticipated games of the year it appears to have been well received from most corners of the community.

But as usual, there’s no pleasing some people. Starfield fans appear to be a fickle bunch and no matter how much work Bethesda have put in to what could be a potential Game of the Year contender, they always want more.

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What Are Starfield Fans Wanting Now?

The Starfield community are vocal about what they want changed, no surprises there.

But on the Starfield Subreddit, there has been plenty of discussion amongst the community about what should be added to the game post-launch. And there appears to be a general consensus that despite its commercial success, many think the game is lacking in quality-of-life features.

One feature players are keen to have addressed is the area map, which is said to be highly disliked for a lack of clarity. Another gripe is the space travel itself, which many in the community see as nothing more than a loading screen.

What’s interesting in this sub-reddit discussion is that many would like to see the addition of a ground exploration vehicle, much like the Mako from Mass Effect.

Certainly that’s a suggestion not without merit and it would make sense to have something like that introduced. Could we possibly see this added to any additional Starfield DLC?

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Could we see the various ‘issues’ highlighted by players addressed in post-launch DLC?

And continuing on the Starfield sub-reddit, there was a recent post which highlighted a major grievance with the outposts feature. The OP stated that after being already 60 hours in, the game is “almost perfect” but had to have a rant.

The player couldn’t understand why an outpost had to have an airlock built when the atmosphere was breathable and further belittled the building options for being too basic.

Another element of the outposts feature that drew criticism was the amount of people you can accommodate;

“Furthermore, I get that we can’t build whole cities, but only THREE people per settlement? An then if you focus on the skill you can get a STAGGERING 8 by late game!” – u/hellothere564738

Following this post, many were quick to agree with the comments made and highlighted their own gripes with the game;

“The resource management feels so tedious compared to fallout ugh. Idk why we can’t just dump all our resources in one workshop to have it available in our outpost. So backwards lol” – u/L0RDR00K

“I can’t figure out how to get my outpost linked. The cargo ship comes but never leaves. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I gave up.” – u/Jakesneed612

The ship building experience is a mixed bag for many Starfield gamers.

No doubt many of these elements will be addressed by the Starfield team with post-launch updates, but fans want fixes sooner rather than later. So how long before Bethesda will roll it out we wonder? Time will tell.

But what are your thoughts on the latest news for Starfield? Is there anything you think should be added? Or are you simply content with all the hard work Bethesda have put in to game so far? Get in touch, drop us a comment, and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Reddit

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