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Starfield Review and Fans Response: Twitch Stats Give a Definitive Answer Whether Bethesda’s $200 Million Game is a Hit

Twitch Stats Give a Definitive Answer Whether Bethesda's $200 Million Game is a Hit

Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and arguably the last few years, developed by Bethesda for the PC and Xbox consoles. It is the latest in the long line of large open world role playing games (RPGs) created by Bethesda, who are the brains behind other noteworthy games such as Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Starfield will be available only on PC and Xbox consoles

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Like those two games and a few others, Starfield comes with the promise of another huge world, or worlds, for players to loose themselves in and have fun modding as well. But while some players have been eagerly looking forward to the game, others have been more sceptical. Recently, we discovered how many viewers it had on Twitch, and that might help some make up their minds on the $200 million game.

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How many views did Starfield get on Twitch?

Starfield launches on September 6th, 2023 but some players have already received the game owing to purchasing the Premium or Constellation editions of the game which granted early access from September 1st. It is presumably these very players who have taken to streaming the game on Twitch, and at its most it was being watched by an astounding 500000 players. That makes it the highest viewed title on Twitch. Many prominent streamers such as Shroud, CohhCarnage, AnnieFuchsia and Jabo have been streaming the game.

Starfield runs at 30 frames per second on Xbox consoles

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Given the amount of hype there was around the game for months, and arguably longer, it should come as no surprise that this record has been breached. Starfield having a high viewer count for a few more days till the 6th of September can be counted on, as many wouldn’t have paid for the Premium or Constellation editions. This is primarily because the game will also be available through the popular Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost to players.

Has Starfield had a successful launch so far?

It appears that Starfield has had a good launch at this point, at least so far, with reviews being generally positive all around the board, and some fans who have played the game expressing their approval too. However, as mentioned earlier, there have been some sceptics with particular reference to bugs, glitches and performance issues on both PC and Xbox consoles, which developer Bethesda is notorious for. Some players have reported a smooth experience on platforms such as Twitter/X, while others have reported the glitches, bugs and performance issues that many expected from Starfield.

A screenshot from Starfield

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Ultimately, gaming is a subjective experience, and Starfield’s reception is no different in that regard. Some people will love it, some will hate it and others will fall somewhere in between. A lot of that depends on the expectations players have when going into the game, whether they be positive or negative.

We should know more about the game come September 6th.

Source: Gamingbible

Written by Madhav Mehrotra

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