Stars Who Were Rejected By Other Celebs

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Just because celebrities are affluent and well-known does not guarantee that they are immune to rejection. Unfortunately, there are occasions when putting yourself out there is simply required. Here’s a list of notable actors who were rejected by other celebrities:


1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber rejected by Jennifer Lawrence
Now happily married to Hailey – Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Justin was taken with the Hunger Games star’s warm and upbeat personality. Bieber, who is now blissfully happy with Hailey, had previously expressed his desire to “bae” Lawrence. He deemed her to be “unbelievably cute,” according to sources. When asked if she was attracted to Justin, though, the Oscar winner rejected and replied, “I am going to say a hard NO.” Yikes!

2. Drake

Rejected each other multiple times: Drake and Rihanna
Toxic ex-couple: Drake and RiRi

Drake tried to kiss Rihanna on the cheek after giving one of the most gushing VMA speeches. He practically declared his love for her while presenting her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. And then… she completely rejected him. Rihanna dodged Drake’s kiss in front of the world, prompting Drake to be mocked on social media. But the rapper got the last laugh when, less than a week later, a source close to Rihanna announced the two were dating. However, they’ve since called it quits.


3. James McVey

James Mcvey rejected by Sophie Turner on Twitter
Before things went sour for the two of them – James McVey & Sophie Turner.

When Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner confessed to her fans on Twitter for being “uninteresting,” singer James McVey took the chance to accuse her of being boring even in real life. It was surprising because the two had been seen together many times previously. “Wow.. Harsh words,” Sophie responded angrily in response. “Ps. Please stop texting me… It’s getting creepy and I’m sorry I’m not interested.”

4. Emma Watson (No, we’re not kidding)

Emma Watson rejected by Tom Felton
The couple that never was: Hermione and Draco. *wishful sighs*

At Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco may have despised one other. Hermione even struck him in the face to break his pride. Emma Watson, on the other hand, was enamored by Tom Felton in real life. We can’t say we blame her because Felton was quite the hunk in his adolescent years. Tom, on the other hand, simply viewed Emma as his sister, breaking her heart. If only, she had a love potion, she would have been saved from being rejected! *Sigh*

5. Niall Horan

Niall Horan rejected by
One Direction boy-band sweetheart – Niall Horan.

Katy revealed on Nova FM radio show Fitzy & Wippa in 2017 how Niall is always trying to acquire her number and perhaps flirt with her. She would, however, invariably say, ‘I could babysit you.  I’m just like your mother!’ On The Project, Niall reacted to the rejection by saying, “I just want to be your friend,” he continued, “I mean, she’s talking like she’s 55 years old. She isn’t much older than I am.”


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