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‘Stay away or get out if you can’: Talent Agents are Advising Actors Who Want To Work for Warner Bros. to Run Away as Studio Pushes for Whopping $3B Budget Cut

warner bros 3 billion budget cut

Warner Bros. Discover is not doing too well as of late, in fact, it’s doing pretty bad. Its shocking cancellation of the highly anticipated Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace, along with the removal & cancellation of several fan-favorite shows on HBO Max has been met with a lot of backlash from its target audience.

David Zaslav is currently digging the hole that is already trenches deep, much deeper than it needs to be. The cancellation of a lot of shows from Warner Bros. streaming website HBO Max has led to a lot of insider and outsider sources advising talents to stay away from the billion-dollar company, and honestly, we cannot blame them.

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Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav

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Working With Warner Bros Discovery Is Not Exactly What Any Artist Would Want To Do As Of Now

That’s exactly what lots of animators and showrunners, who had a nice little spot on Warner Bros. Discovery’s HBO Max, have been feeling after learning that over 30+ titles were simply removed from the streaming service.

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The move to pull out a massive amount of shows from HBO Max comes after WBD decided to cut $3 billion in costs. David Zaslav is seemingly the one to blame for all this considering he is the CEO of WBD.

But this move has effectively led to creative talent from its previous showrunners having a feeling of distrust of the company, further harming its relationship with other creative talents.

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What Opinion Do Animators And Talent Agents Hold Of Warner Bros Discovery As Of Now?

Warner Bros Discovery’s unwarranted takedown of multiple shows from HBO Max has bought them resentment from animators of those shows, with most of them complaining about no advance notice being served to them before removal as they draw similar comparisons from the cancellation of Batgirl earlier this month.

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An anonymous agent, among other employees of the now removed shows, told TheWrap about the situation between WBD and talent agents as of now, saying-

“The entire company is coming off as distressed. The messaging both inside the company and externally is ‘Stay away or get out if you can.’”

“If I’m a showrunner that had this happen to my project, why would I work with that studio again if I could help it? It’s a business. We get it. But the way all this work just got thrown away in the blink of an eye just feels so callous.”

The backlash that has been given to Warner Bros. Discovery after the huge decision taken to cut costs has surely set a standard that creative talent can expect from the company, and it’s certainly not high.

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