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Steam Launches Remote Play, Allowing Couch Co-op

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Steam has released its Remote Play Together feature that enables friends to play local multiplayer games online. The feature was in a Beta stage for the entirety of October before being released. The full launch also means that iOS and Android users will also be able to access remote local multiplayer through the Steam Link app.

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In the announcement of the feature, Valve unveiled that four players can join a lobby together to take part in local-multiplayer, co-op and even split-screen games. On top of this already impressive feature, only the hosting player would need to own whichever game for the entire group to join in.

For the first time, friends can now play games such as the Lego series from across their home countries and even from across the world. It’s opened the door for so many more multiplayer opportunities, expanding the scene significantly.

Valve ensured that network connections were stabilised for players to jump into through the one month beta. The feature is accessible with the Remote Play Together icon which is located in the host’s friends’ list. Prompting that icon will invite your friends over and you can begin to play. The game will work on the computer of the host as if all invited players are plugged into it by a joystick. 

It’s no accident that the release of this feature was so close to the release of Google Stadia. However, even PlayStation has an impressive feature, similar to what Steam has just released. In fact, it was only last month that the Remote Play feature for the PS4 would give players access to the feature through PC and Mac computers.

On top of the official launch of Steam Remote Play Together, a page of suggested games has been created for players to see what is best suited for the feature right now. There’s a large slew of titles, featuring also a massive sale on most of the games listed.

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