“Please release this on Steam”: Never Mind Remakes or Remasters, Resident Evil Fans are Eating Well as The OG Trilogy Gets a Surprise Announcement

Resident Evil is making even more strides.

resident evil


  • Capcom and GOG have announced the re-release of the original Resident Evil trilogy for PC.
  • This re-release marks the first time these iconic titles have been available digitally on PC since their initial 1996 release.
  • Fans can also anticipate the arrival of Resident Evil 2 and 3 later this year. There will also be a bundle with all three games when that happens.
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Resident Evil fans are in for a nostalgic treat. The series has returned to PC through GOG, thanks to a collaboration between Capcom and CD Projekt. The original game, not the remastered version, is now available on the store for $9.99. 


This re-release includes quality-of-life improvements and enhanced compatibility for modern systems. Additionally, Resident Evil 2 and 3 will join later in 2024, with a bundle deal available for those interested in purchasing all three games.

The Original Resident Evil Games Are Coming to GOG, But What About Steam?

The classic Resident Evil experience is back.
The classic Resident Evil experience is back. | Capcom

The franchise first made its debut on PC in 1996 but has been absent from digital storefronts until now. While the remastered versions are available on Steam, the original versions have not been released yet.


However, a Steam release is anticipated as Gematsu spotted a listing for the classic on the European rating website PEGI. Fans have eagerly requested the game on Steam, while expressing their excitement for GOG’s efforts.

GOG‘s announcement emphasized their commitment to preserving classic games. They have re-released the game with all its original content intact. This move is part of GOG’s broader initiative to bring beloved classics back to modern gamers. 

This re-release on GOG has been celebrated, particularly as it comes with DRM-free access, ensuring that players can enjoy the game without restrictions (wink wink).


Fans have expressed excitement and nostalgia at the announcement. Comments on platforms like Reddit highlight the significance of these releases, with many hoping for a Steam version soon.

Despite some users’ concerns about exclusivity to GOG, it is unlikely. This re-release should fuel people’s itch for the franchise till we get more news on the upcoming projects.

The Re-release Has Gotten Nothing But Praise From Fans

Will the Resident Evil Original re-release make it on Steam?
Will the Resident Evil Original re-release make it on Steam? | Capcom

The announcement has also got people talking about the unique qualities of the original games compared to their modern remakes. While the remakes have been praised for their updated graphics and gameplay, the originals still hold a special place in the hearts of many players. 


GOG has also announced a special bundle deal for those looking to purchase all three games together. Priced at $24.99, this bundle will offer a way for both new and old fans to experience the entire original trilogy.

The re-release allows these fans to revisit the classic versions and appreciate the series’ roots in survival horror. Players are excited not just for the nostalgia but also for the chance to explore the games that laid the groundwork for the franchise. 

And as for what’s next, fans also been very vocal regarding their desire for the upcoming projects that the franchise has. Though there’s no guarantee that Capcom’s plans reflect these sentiments


This re-release also provides an opportunity for those who missed the originals to experience them for the first time. Will you be diving into the world of Resident Evil with this new re-release? Let us know in the comments below!


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