“For Stellar Blade, we have plans to introduce…”: Shift Up’s Future Could Be Full of Stellar Blade’s Eve if New Filing is to be Believed

The studio's future will focus on fresh ideas across different platforms.

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  • In a public filing document, Shift Up has explained its future plans.
  • The studio is looking forward to making a Stellar Blade sequel, as well as a brand new IP.
  • Shift Up is also going to build a game that will be available on PC, mobile and consoles.
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Stellar Blade has been widely popular across different player bases in the world of gaming. Despite of its exclusivity on PlayStation, the game had made quite the waves, and fans have been demanding a version of the game on PC, and perhaps even a sequel.


Players may be in luck, as sources have suggested that the studio is, indeed, looking forward to bringing the game to PC and even planning a sequel for the Stellar Blade.

A Public Filing Has Given Away Information About Stellar Blade’s Possible Sequel

Stellar Blade game
The studio has some exciting plans for the future.

Recently, the Korea Composite Stock Price Index gave access to information made available thanks to an initial public offering filing made by Shift Up. This document talks about the future of the company, and how it plans on expanding into a multi-platform hub for its games, including bringing out a new IP.


In this document, the studio has explained how there’s a lot of scope for new content in Stellar Blade:

For Stellar Blade, we have plans to introduce new gameplay elements, including downloadable content releases, a PC version, and new [fresh IP] collaborations.

The document further focuses on how the future of the game will continue moving towards more updates, and quality-of-life changes. However, Stellar Blade isn’t the only game that’s getting this treatment by the devs.

There’s also a mention of a brand new IP called Project Witches, along with a sequel for Stellar Blade. An important thing to note here is that the document pays big attention to independent development for future IPs. This means that these games won’t necessarily rely on Stellar Blade’s success to make a healthy entry into the industry.


The Studio Will Dive Into Multiple Platforms for Future IPs

Stellar Blade combat
A game like this on mobile… now, what would that look like?

The same document also clarifies something about the studio’s future. It’s likely that the studio won’t restrict itself to one console, and fans will see more games across multiple platforms. Based on the document’s details, fans can expect 2027 to be the year of a new release that will be available on PC, mobile, and consoles.

Given how the multi-platform access will likely bring an audience from different walks of life, there is a chance that this will be a game that will be updated constantly through different seasons. Something like a live-service game, maybe?

Undoubtedly, Stellar Blade’s success has drawn in a lot of players from several platforms, and it’ll be interesting to see how the studio plans to make more games that attract gamers from different cultures and platforms.


What do you think the game’s sequel be about? Are you excited to see what Shift Up will create in the future? Let us know in the comments below.


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