“Excessive violence and explicit body exposure”: Upcoming PlayStation Exclusive Stellar Blade Sounds as Though its Content Will Push the Limits of What the ESRB Allow

The upcoming exclusive game from PlayStation has an adult classification in South Korea.

“Excessive violence and explicit body exposure”: Upcoming PlayStation Exclusive Stellar Blade Sounds as Though its Content Will Push the Limits of What the ESRB Allow


  • Stellar Blade is one of the exclusive games for the PlayStation 5 that will be released this year.
  • Shift Up Corporation, a South Korean company, developed this title and it was already age-classified for adults.
  • According to South Korean regulators, Stellar Blade has explicit violence with mutilation and nudity.
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Sony has many exclusive titles coming this year for the PlayStation 5. Among them is Stellar Blade, previously known as Project Eve. This is a South Korean third-person action game, hack and slash like Devil May Cry.


This title is being developed by Shift Up Corporation, a South Korean studio, and distributed directly by Sony Entertainment. In Stellar Blade, you will control a very powerful warrior who has to defend Earth from an alien invasion. According to the South Korean age classification for games, this title will be almost exclusively for adults in that country.

Stellar Blade has some very explicit content in the game

Stellar Blade protagonist, Eve will be deadly and beautiful
Stellar Blade may be pushing the limits of its rating.

It appears Stellar Blade will be pushing the boundaries of ratings in South Korea, due to nudity and violence, as per the South Korean age regulation entity. Stellar Blade is not meant to be played by young audiences and the title will only be available to those who are 19 years old or older, at least in South Korea. 


Reddit’s user, Zhukov-74, posted this information with a description of the age rating. In the post, he attached a link to the South Korean age classification website that describes the key points for the rating chosen for Stellar Blade.

One of the particular reasons for the age classification of this title is that explicit nudity is confirmed. This is just one of the reasons for the rating decision of Stellar Blade.

A lot of violence is coming in Stellar Blade

Eve combating in the upcoming Stellar Blade for PS5
Eve will combat aliens and other foes in the upcoming title.

The classification rating for Stellar Blade says the game has explicit nudity, violence, and even mutilation with red blood.


This Reddit post seemingly proves that Stellar Blade will have a lot of gore and violence. The trailers do not show this much, but the combat will involve some very sharp weapons.

Other users of Reddit replied to this post very happy about the rating. Players love this kind of game, like Nier Automata and others that present high levels of violence and sexual content. 

This game, previously known as Project Eve, will have players face off against a very powerful race of aliens that want to take Earth. In Stellar Blade, you will have to fight alongside the last remaining humans to take back Earth.


It will have a ferocious and very fast combat style, where you must face both aliens and other humans to recover Earth. Stellar Blade will be available on April 26 only for PlayStation 5. There is no mention of other platforms at this time. 

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