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Stephen Greif, Best Known for Netflix Smash-Hit ‘The Crown’, Passes Away at 78


Stephen Greif, best known for his role in Blake’s 7, passed away at the age of 78 after a loved and successful career. The actor had been famous for both his work on screen like in the Netflix series The Crown, as well as on stage in theatres. His era has unfortunately ended after a long run of giving extraordinary performances.

Stephen Greif
Stephen Greif

His presence will forever be missed. Both his family and his fans grieve his loss and are saddened to hear the news. The actor had appeared in numerous different movies and TV shows, enlightening all of them with his presence. Season four of The Crown saw his appearance and the news of his death was announced by Michelle Braidman Associates earlier this week.

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Who Was Stephen Greif?

Stephen Greif was born on 26th August 1944 and had an honorary degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He was also a member of various theatres and won awards for numerous roles. His most prominent role has been as Travis in Blake’s 7 and as the Speaker of the House, Sir Bernard Weatherill in The Crown’s fourth season. His range in acting might surprise even the biggest actors. He even worked with Ryan Reynolds in Woman in Gold. 

stephen greif 1014x570 1
Stephen Greif

“Devastated to hear that the brilliant actor, & fascinating erudite man, Stephen Greif has died.”

Multiple people who knew him, shared their grievances about the actor’s passing.

“Very sad, a very fine actor and a kind and sensitive man. We played a bit of golf together. RIP.”

He made appearances in various movies and TV shows, got awards for his role in the theatre, and always showed just how impactful he had been as an actor. His work in Blake’s 7 saw him in his prime, being part of the show as a space commander. His representatives announced his death and have since been in mourning.

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The Crown, A Royal Reality

The Crown is a show that follows the story of Queen Elizabeth II when she first became the ruler and her journey since then. It follows her life both from the familial aspect, as well as the political. Her growth from when she started, till her final days would all be seen in the show as it sees her evolve from era to era.

Claire Foy's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II
A still from The Crown

The fourth season was the latest season of the show that involved the late actor. It also introduced the character of Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki.

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Source: The Guardian

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