“That’s Kind of Lame”: Stephen King Criticizes Stranger Things 4 Being Divided Into 2 Parts

Stephen King is the most successful author out there and many of his novels and short fiction are being used in movies and TV shows. Recently Stephen King reacted to the most hyped series “Stranger Things season 4” referring to Carrie. As he referred Eleven to Carrie, this character, was adapted into a movie starring Sissy Spacek. Then a comeback starring Chloë Grace Moretz was released in 2013 but was not as well known as the original.

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Horror references in Stranger Things 4
Horror references in Stranger Things 4

Carrie is one of the most popular, but it wasn’t much of a shock that Stranger Things delivered a tribute to the novel. At the beginning of Stranger Things, Season 4, they showed Eleven struggling to adapt to the environment after moving to California with the Byers family. El is often bullied at school by one of the characters named Angela and her other classmates.

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Stephen King Tweets on Stranger Things Season 4’s Carrie Reference

Stephen King referred a scene with Carrie in Stranger Things 4
Stephen King referred to a scene with Carrie in Stranger Things 4

Now if we talk about how both are similar? Here is an example. In the series, Angela and her friends push El to the middle of the roller skating rink, started laughing at her, and she was covered in the milkshake. After that, the bullies push her down. This particular scene is very similar to the finale of Carrie, where the school bullies drop a bucket of pigs’ blood on her provoking the whole school to laugh at her. Now, Stephen King is reacting to this similar reference to Carrie, saying Stranger Things season 4 is just as good if not better than the first three. The author personally doesn’t like the season being divided into two fractions.

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Stephen King comments on Stranger Things 4
Stephen King comments on Stranger Things 4

Not only this, there are a few more similarities, like the “Evil Dead” poster we can see in Jonathan’s room and the “Freddy Krueger” cardboard in Robin and Steve’s Family video store. The scene where Robin and Nancy visit Victor Creel is one of the straight references to “Silence of the Lambs.” Even Duffer Bros. revealed that the main villain Vecna was inspired by Pennywise, Hellraiser, and Freddy. Stephen King’s impact on horror literature and film clearly shows that Carrie impacted Stranger Things.

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Written by Shreeparna Das