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“I Did Not Notice That Her Br***t Came Out”: This Is Us Actor Sterling K Brown Recalls an Embarrassing Moment When He Offended Regina Hall While Shooting an Intimate Scene

When it comes to being a public figure one thing people love is hearing their embarrassing stories. Many celebs have been victims of these and many will be. Something like this also happened with This is US actor Sterling K Brown. In a recent interview with SiriusXM Pop Culture, he talked about an incident that happened while filming an intimate scene with actress Regina Hall. 

Sterling K. Brown can be Raoul Bushman
Sterling K. Brown

Talking about the incident the actor said that they were both into a film love scene. Regina  Hall was wearing a nightgown and bandaids. Further talking about the scene, he said, “At one point during the scene, her br***t fell out of the thing. I did not notice that cause I am focused on this stitch… I’m a professional.”

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Regina Hall’s Reaction to Sterling K Brown’s Answer

After the scene was finished, Hall noticed that she was more exposed than she thought she was. Does Sterling K Brown further say that after the scene was finished, Regina Hall looks down and asks him if he has seen her tittie out?

To which Brown replied, “What?” According to the actor, listening to his reaction Hall seem offended and said, “ You didn’t even notice it.” The actor says that Hall seemed offended that he did not notice her exposed br***t. 

Sterling K Brown and Regina Hall

Sterling K Brown said that he was doing his job by focusing on the scene and this is the reason why he did not notice what happened with the actress. Saying this much the actor said that Hall had a thing about it and he will not further talk about it. He said, “I’ll let her tell when she talks to you,” insisting to hear the actress’s side too.

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Sterling K Brwon’s Wife on the Incident

After this awkward incident,  Brown called his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe to tell her what happened. On the call he told her wife that Regina’s br***t fell out during filming and she will tell you about it yourself, to which she replied, “Okay, cool.” He also said that his wife is totally fine with it. 

Sterling K Brown and Regina Hall are starring in an upcoming movie, Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul is written and directed by Adamma Ebo.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul

Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul

The movie follows a paster played by Sterling K Brown, and the first lady played by Regina Hall. They run a Southern Baptist megachurch, but they are forced to temporarily close it after a scandal. The film portrays their journey to rebuild their congregation and make the biggest comeback religion has ever seen. 

The trailer for the upcoming film is released and gives a glimpse into paster and the first lady’s attempts to reopen their church. 

Talking about the movie Sterling K Brown said that when he read the script he found it funny and deeper than just funny. He said that movie is like a critique of the church.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul

The film is also the feature film debut of the Ebo twins, director Adamma Ebo and producer Adanne Ebo. The movie is an adaptation of the 2018 short film, which was also made by the Ebo twins. The short film made its world premiere at Sundance in January.

Soon after its world premiere, the rights were sold to Focus Features, Peacock, and Jordon Peele’s Monkeypaw for $8.5 million.  

The movie will release in theatres on September 2. On the same day, it will also start streaming on the streaming platform, Peacock. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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